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Don't Lose Your Bonus Boxes LbNA #58174

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Jun 5, 2011
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Mar 28, 2024
Bonus 1 (Retired as of 3/28/24)

In order to fill in the space in the early part of the hike, MrOspital created this bonus box, which you can stamp on Data's chest in the space in the middle of the torso stamp. If you've managed to read these clues before doing the actual hike, I'll be less subtle and mention that my Don't Think letterbox is located between this bonus box and signature #3.

Bonus 2 (Alive and well as of 3/28/24)

This is Q's original location and stamp, actually #5 in her series, making the actual total 7, but she noted that it was separate from the others. We quite honestly don't understand what this simple swirl is or why it was included, but we intended to replace it just like the others, changing it to a bonus box. However, upon rereading the clue and finding the correct location in order to plant ours, we were surprised to find HERS still intact, although rusty and with no baggies. The logbook was gone, with a slip of paper added years later, but we tucked it and the stamp into our baggies and new container, and Kelsung promptly discarded his unneeded replacement stamp.
(Update: once on the paved road, after the long curved guardrail is a short straight guardrail. Look behind the second to last post.)