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LbNA Terms of Use

LbNA is a letterboxing clue search engine. It is not a publishing or editing service. While some clue text or photos may reside physically on the LbNA servers, this is simply as a convenience for users who do not have the wherewithal to store it on their own servers. There are no “house clues”, or “webmaster clues”; all clues retrieved by the searching capability of the site (whether housed physically on the site or linked), are the works of individual clue writers, and both are collectively referred to as “clues” in what follows. Some clues may be marked as “adoptable”; this is a temporary transitional issue and does not represent a policy of encouragement of abandoning letterboxes: these are simply clues for which the writer’s contact information has been temporarily lost.

The webmasters make no representations concerning any endeavor to review or edit the content of clues submitted to this website. The works included are the products of individual clue writers, therefore the webmasters can not be held responsible for them in any way (including, for example, but not limited to: their accuracy, copyright compliance, legality, decency of material contained therein, or legality or safety of box placement).

The clues and contents of this website are copyrighted, and are not to be duplicated without the specific permission of the various individual authors. You are welcome to print the clues for your own personal letterboxing purposes for free and without special permission. However, republication or reproduction of this material in a book, website, or any other resource is strictly prohibited without the permission of the individual authors.

By submitting clues to this website, you warrant the following: That there is a safe, legal, and trespass free route to any boxes the clues may lead to, and that land owner/land manager permission exists to place the box(es) the clues lead to where they are placed. You also agree that the webmasters of the website are not responsible for any damages arising as a result of your clues.

You agree to maintain a valid contact e-mail address, associated either with your clues or account or website where your clues are hosted. You accept that the webmasters may direct land owners/land managers to your contact address if they have questions about your clues. You retain full rights to your clues, but accept that others viewing the website may use them for personal purposes without fee or notification.

If in the judgement of webmasters, you are no longer maintaining your letterbox clues, you accept that the webmasters may archive, remove, or assign your clues to a “caretaker” at any time, for any reason, with or without notification. Having an invalid email or not logging into LbNA for over a year will be considered defacto abandonment of your letterbox clues on LbNA.

You accept that identifying information associated with you may be logged on the LbNA servers, and may be revealed to appropriate authorities who have questions about your clues.


Letterboxing, like any outdoor sport, carries the risk of unforeseen hazards. “Letterboxing North America” supports a policy of not knowingly placing letterboxes in areas that will create undue risk to the letterbox hunter. However, as conditions may vary, it is the responsibility of the letterbox searcher to become thoroughly familiar with the conditions in the area to be searched, to adequately prepare for those conditions, and to conduct oneself safely and responsibly with respect to those conditions and with respect to his or her personal abilities and limitations. “Letterboxing North America" and the individual letterbox volunteers and sponsors assume no liability for events which may occur related directly or indirectly to one’s searching for a letterbox.

Do not let children hunt for letterboxes unsupervised.

By reading and utilizing the letterbox clues posted on this web site, you acknowledge the above conditions, and accept responsibility for your own actions, and agree to hold non-liable the clue writers, website authors, and letterboxing organizations and further, agree to provide this disclaimer to any person with whom you share these letterbox clues.