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Park Policies

Please assume that all park policies for geocaching apply equally to letterboxing.

If you’d like us to add a new letterbox/geocache placement policy entry, please contact the webmasters.

US National ParksThe National Park Service requires a special use permit from a park manager for any letterboxes (or geocaches) planted in any of the parks under its jurisdiction and are usually not approved. They will remove letterboxes that have been planted in their parks without a permit as abandoned property, and have even issue citations to offenders. Very few National Parks have allowed letterboxes to be planted within their boundaries. The NPS policy encourages virtual letterboxing over physical letterboxing, where the ‘treasure’ is a point of interest rather than a physical object. Participants must remain on designated paths and trails to avoid damaging the park environment. Note: National Forests are under the jurisdiction of a different branch of the federal government, and thus have different rules regarding letterboxing; generally, National Forests are more amenable to the activity.
Alabama State ParksGeocaches or waymarks established by the public will not be permitted at Conway Cemetery, the Herman Davis Memorial, Jenkins' Ferry, the Louisiana Purchase, Mark's Mill, Parkin, Poison Springs, Prairie Grove Battlefield, the South Arkansas Arboretum, or Toltec Mounds State Parks. Before hiding any geocaches please review and submit a signed permit to the Park Manager at each State Park. After the Park Manager or designee receives and reviews the permit you will be contacted for disposition.
Ruffner Mountain Nature CenterLetterboxes are allowed but require permission before placement. No policy link at this time.
Alaska Division of Parks and Outdoor RecreationGeocaches/Letterboxes are generally allowed with permission. Contact the area office for the park to ask their rules.
Arizona State Land DepartmentLetterboxing is generally considered an acceptable use of Arizona State Land Department land, provided that participants are holders of valid recreational use permits and comply with the permit terms and conditions described on the web page.
City of Phoenix Archaeology SectionThe City of Phoenix contains many archaeological sites within its boundaries, especially in its mountain preserves and open spaces. These archaeological sites have great scientific and cultural value, but are fragile, irreplaceable, and potentially subject to accidental harm or intentional vandalism. Many of the sites are not marked or identified by signage so as to not attract attention to them. In order to best preserve these sites, no activities are allowed at the sites which could directly or indirectly cause them harm, or broadcast their locations to the general public. Pursuant to PCC 24-36, Entering park areas closed to public use, and PCC 24-37, Vandalism in a park, geocaching at archaeological sites located on City of Phoenix property is not allowed. Violation of these ordinances is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Any geocaches that are found at archaeological sites will be immediately removed.
Coconino National ForestCurrently there is no official policy related to geocaching on this national forest. There are, however, federal rules and regulations that pertain directly to geocashing.
Maricopa County Parks and RecreationThe Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department is not opposed to geocaching. We do ask that geocachers follow the guidelines posted on the national website at regarding placement of caches on public lands. Those guidelines include not placing caches on archeological sites, contacting the land manager, in the case of Maricopa County parks it means contacting the Park Supervisor, before placing a cache on park property and placing caches which are within two miles of a trailhead while staying on designated trails. Beyond two miles of a trailhead the Park Supervisors are more liberal in where the caches may be placed, but you must remain on designated trails.
Arkansas State ParksParks generally allow geocaching and letterboxing with permit.
Ozark-St. Francis National ForestsApproval of cache contents, design, and location must be granted prior to placement of any items on public lands.
California State ParksCaches may be allowed where they do not affect natural, cultural and historical resources, visitor safety or other park users. The following is a list of terrestrial State Park System unit classifications where geocaching may be permitted (when approved by the District Superintendent).
Midpeninsula Regional Open Space DistrictA permit is not required to place or search for a cache, however all Geocachers placing caches on District lands must be registered users with and must comply with the guidelines established by the District as well as those established by Anyone placing or searching for a cache must do so during normal preserve hours and must follow the procedures as outlined in the District's Geogaching Guidelines.
Ocotillo Wells District Caching PolicyThe purpose of the Ocotillo Wells District Geocaching Policy is to successfully manage the popular activity of Geocaching within the Ocotillo Wells SVRA, Heber Dunes SVRA, and the area known as the Freeman Acquisition. The term Geocaching will be used generally to represent not only Geocaching, but related similar activities such as Letter Boxing, Bench Marking, etc.
Sacramento County Department of Regional ParksPeople wishing to place a geocache or letterbox in a Sacramento County Regional Park must fill out a permit for geocache or letterbox placement. The permit will include the actual coordinates where the geocache/letterbox is to be placed, a description of the area where the geocache or letterbox will be placed, and the name of the geocache or letterbox as it will appear when published. Multi-stage geocaches or letterboxes will include the actual coordinates of all stages. Geocaches or Letterboxes placed without a permit will be removed.
San Diego County Parks Geocaching PolicyDPR recognizes geocaching - a treasure hunt that utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) and the internet to find caches - as a recreational experience. However, not all areas of County parks/preserves are suitable for geocaching due to regionally significant and cultural resources.
San Dieguito River ParkAll requests for geocache placement in the San Dieguito River Park (SDRP) will be in writing and must be submitted to Park Ranger staff for approval and authorization. Any geocaches not meeting the guidelines in this policy will be removed.
Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation DepartmentA permit is not required for the placing or searching for geocaches within Santa Clara County Parks.
Santa Teresa ParkA permit is not required for the placing or searching for geocaches within Santa Teresa Park. See policy for procedures and rules.
Sonoma County Regional Parks DepartmentSonoma County Regional Parks is an advocate of responsible outdoor recreation and recognizes the value of Geocaching as an appropriate use of park property. The activity of Geocaching has recently increased in popularity, and Park staff believes this activity has a limited impact on natural resources when conducted responsibly.
Boulder Open Space and Mountain ParksIt is the policy of the Open Space and Mountain Parks Department (OSMP) to allow virtual geocaching where off-trail travel is allowed. Virtual geocaching will also be allowed along a designated trail in an area where off-trail travel is prohibited or in Habitat Conservation Areas (HCAs) with an Off-Trail Permit. Geocaching in its more traditional form, where a "treasure cache" is left behind for searchers to find, is not allowed.
Bureau of Land ManagementBLM welcomes this activity in the right locations on the public lands if conducted with minimal impact to the environment and conscientious land use ethics are followed.
Cheyenne Mountain State ParkLetterboxing is allowed in the park only with prior approval of the park manager. Letterboxes may only be placed in areas that will not cause potential damage to vegetation, wildlife, or any other park resources. Unscented ink pads and box items only. GPS coordinates must be provided (although will not be shared with the public) to allow rangers to verify location and sustainability of the letterbox. Placers must also maintain letterboxes regularly and be willing to relocate or remove boxes if resource damage occurs. Please call 719-576-2016 for more info!
Douglas County Open SpaceDouglas County Open Space supports geocaching but requests that caches be left no further than 10 feet off existing trails. This will reduce the amount of off-trail activity which could impact natural resources, including vegetation and wildlife, and result in undesirable off-trail use.
Jefferson County Open SpaceThe guidelines have been developed to provide helpful information for Geocache/Letterbox opportunities on Jefferson County Open Space. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a violation of Jefferson County Open Space Rules and Regulations and removal of the cache.
Roxborough State ParkAnyone wishing to place a cache must first apply for an annual permit.
CT DEP Looking Beyond The TreesConnecticut has policies that actually encourage letterboxing in the State Forests. This could be a model for other areas.
Delaware Division of Parks and RecreationIndividuals wishing to place caches or letterboxes on state parklands must first obtain a permit for each geocache or letterbox they wish to place. Permits are obtained by submitting a completed Geocaching Permit Application Form to the office of the park in which the geocache(s) or letterbox(es) will be placed.
District of Columbia
US Army Corps of EngineersGeocaching may be allowed on public lands managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 (CFR 36) and any applicable State or local rules and regulations, provided the activity is conducted in a nonobtrusive manner
Bonita Springs Parks & RecreationAny visitor desiring to place a geocache/letterbox in a Bonita Springs Park is required to complete a Geocaching/Letterbox Placement Permit. There will be no fee for this permit at this time.
Brevard County Environmentally Endangered LandsUse the form on the Application Form tab to apply for a geocache site in a Sanctuary of the Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands (EEL) Program.
City of Gainesville PolicyPolicy for letterboxes in City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs properties.
City of Key West, Florida, cemeteryLetterboxes are not allowed in Key West cemeteries. (No link to policy.)
Collier County ParksAny person desiring to place a geocache / letterbox in a Collier County Park is required to complete a Geocaching / Letterbox Placement Permit.
Collier County Parks and RecreationAny person desiring to place a geocache / letterbox in a Collier County Park is required to complete a Geocaching / Letterbox Placement Permit.
Florida Division of ForestryThe Florida Division of Forestry allows geo-caching within Florida State Forests, at the discretion of the Center/District Manager. A member of the public who wishes to install a cache in a State Forest must submit a request to the State Forest.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation CommissionIt is the policy of the FWC to allow placement of geocaches only in those locations that do not present the potential for resource damage, user conflicts or threats to the safety of the activity participants. All caches must be registered and display permit sticker.
Florida State Parks (DEP)Florida DEP does not currently have a policy that speaks directly to geocaching within state parks. We do however have existing park rules that may effect the activity or the manner in which it is conducted. The activity would be required to stay within the established park rules, for example observing areas designated as closed or sensitive and not engaging in any ground disturbing activity or digging. As a general rule, the Florida Park Service retains the authority to prohibit or regulate any activity that lessens the safety or recreational experience of the visiting public or lessens the natural or cultural value of the park. Please confer with the individual parks when in question of policy. We hope you find rewarding experiences visiting Florida State Parks.
Gainesville Florida, Department of Parks, RecreatiA permit is required.
Lake County Parks & Trails DivisionApplication is required before placing a geocache.
Lee County Parks & RecreationPlacement by permit only.
Marion County Parks and Recreation DepartmentAll geocaches will be by approved permit only.
Orange County Florida Parks & RecreationOrange County FL Parks & Rec requires a permit for all letterboxes, which may be obtained at the park offices.
Permit form for Gainesville LetterboxesPermit form for letterboxes placed in City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Department properties.
Forest Service Southern RegionPlacement of geocaches require a Temporary Special Use Permit. Activities similar to geo-caching (for example, GPS Stash Hunt, Benchmark Hunting, Letterboxing, Geo-Poker) shall be administered in accordance with Geocaching. Competitive events involving a participation fee will be authorized as a recreation event.
Georgia State Parks and Recreation DepartmentApproval must be received from the park manager before placing a geocache or letterbox.
State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural ResAt present, our Division of State Parks does not yet have a policy regarding geocaching and is gathering information about policies in other states. Our policy may change in future. State Parks rules presently prohibit leaving unattended or abandoned property, as well as prohibiting damage to natural, archaeological, historical or geological features in state parks. However, Hawaii state park managers will remove any cache which has the potential to impact natural, cultural or historical resources, is located in an off-limits area, or could cause concerns to others as a "suspicious object". Just recently we had one reported in a sensitive historicl area as a pipe bomb which raised a fuss and was promptly removed. Another item left as a "memorial" was similarly reported and removed by staff. --Public Information Office
Boone County Conservation DistrictGeocaches do not have to be registered with the Boone County Conservation District. However, caches will be checked by BCCD staff on a routine basis. No geocaches of any kind will be allowed in Flora Nature Preserve and within the Nature Preserve boundaries of Kinnikinnick Conservation Area.
Crabtree Nature CenterCrabtree Nature Center, part of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, does not allow off trail exploring, nor items left without written consent. Crabtree Nature Center 3 Stover Road Barrington, IL 60010 Phone: 847-381-6592 Fax: 847-381-1154
Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesThe Department highly encourages the use of "virtual" caches rather than actual caches which require the placement of a physical container at a site. No Geocaches may be placed in Nature Preserves or Land and Water Reserves on IDNR sites without specific special use permit or written permission under administrative rules regulating these sites.
McHenry County Conservation DistrictAdvanced permission from the District is required prior to the placement of geocaches on MCCD sites. (See Site Rules & Regulartions sidebar.)
McLean County Parks & RecreationPlease email for requests to place a geocache or letterbox.
Rockford Park Districkockford Park District is not responsible for caches and participants should be aware of the risk of removal by third parties. Participation is at the sole risk of the participant. See list of prohibited placement locations and guidelines.
Hamilton County Parks & RecreationA permit is required before placing a letterbox or geocache.
Indiana Department of Natural ResourcesA person must obtain an "official geocaching placement license" on a department form before placing a cache on or within a DNR property. A cache that is placed without first obtaining a license under this information bulletin may be removed by the department and disposed as provided in "Personal Property Found on DNR Properties" (Information Bulletin #23).
Indiana DNR PolicyNew policy October 2012.
Appanoose County Conservation BoardA Geocache Placement Permit Application must be filed with and approved by the Appanoose County Conservation Board (ACCB) before placing the cache or posting the cache on a geocaching website.
City of CoralvilleThe City of Coralville allows geocaching with a permit.
Dallas County Conservation BoardsGeocaches may not be placed before obtaining a permit.
Hardin County ConservationHardin County Conservation encourages geocachers and others to enjoy our parks to their fullest extent. Your cache is welcome on HCCB property, pursuant to the terms of this permit.
Iowa Department of Natural ResoucesA Geocache Placement Permit application must be filed and approved by the park staff before establishing a cache on any Iowa Department of Natural Resources managed property.
Johnson County Conservation BoardGeocaches are premitted with special permit. (See section 25 of the rules.)
Jones County Conservation BoardApproval of cache contents, design, and location must be granted prior to placement of any items on public lands.
Polk County ConservationA permit is required. Contact Polk County Conservation prior to placement.
Story County Conservation & ParksA Geocache Placement Permit Application must be filed with and approved by Story County Conservation (SCC). Geocaches/Letterboxes are not allowed in some areas.
Webster County ConservationCaches are permitted by permit only.
Boone County ParkThe owner of the cache should email a request to the Parks Director.
Kentucky State ParksGeocaches and letterboxes are generally allowed. Please check with the local park office when planning a new placement to ensure it doesn't create a problem in the planned location.
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government ParksThe owner of the cache should provide an email of request to the Recreation Supervisor/Naturalist.
The Nature ConservancyThe Nature Conservancy, which has properties all over the world, generally discourages geocaching, but will allow it on a case-by-case basis. The Conservancy's Maine page states "Placing of geocaches is generally discouraged because of the disturbance to areas off-trail. Geocaches are considered on a case-by-case basis and must be placed in a location and manner that avoids disturbance or alteration to any significant natural feature or area of ecological concern. We ask that any geocaches listed on the geocaching website without Conservancy permission be removed." It seems as though the properties in each state can set their own policy. Wisconsin, for example, prohibits it outright: "The following activities are not permitted on Conservancy preserves: Geocaching (however Virtual or EarthCaching, is allowed." New Hampshire, is more friendly: "Geocaching and orienteering activities are generally allowed with advanced permission from TNC".
Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation &You must receive approval from the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation & Parks (AACDRP) prior to placing a cache. To obtain approval, you must submit the Cache Approval Form to the appropriate park office.
Carroll County Parks & RecreationPlease provide a courtesy e-mail including: park name and location. Contact Info: Brad Rogers, Bureau Chief of Parks, DEPARTMENT OF RECREATION & PARKS, County Office Building, Room 100, 225 North Center St., Westminster, MD 21157, Phone: (410) 386-210, e-mail:
Fredrick CountyCache placement requires Special Request Permit.
Hartford County Parks & RecreationGeocachers intending to place a cache in any Harford County Park must first obtain approval by contacting the Department of Parks and Recreation's Main Office at: 702 North Tollgate Road, Bel Air, Md., (410-638-3572) and request the Geocache Permit & Site Application forms.
Montgomery ParksDue to budget cuts, Montgomery County M-NCPPC Parks no longer require a permit to place a letterbox. However, it is suggested that you discuss the planned location with a park ranger before planting.
Prince George's County Department of Parks & RYou must receive approval from the M-NCPPC Park Ranger Office prior to placing a cache.
St. Mary's County Recreation and ParksSt. Mary's is pleased to offer geocaching as a recreational activity within our park system. Please remember to follow all park regulations and posted hours of operation. If hiding a geocache in a county park, please refer to the guidelines for hiding a geocache R&P Guidelines for Hiding a Cache and the application form provided R&P Cache Application Form.
Wicomico County Department of Recreation, Parks &aYou must receive approval from the Wicomico County Department of Recreation, Parks & Tourism prior to placing a cache.
Department of Conservation and RecreationThe Department of Conservation and Recreation has no standard policy on geocaching or letterboxing--its park-by-park dependent. For example, there is a Public Access Policy for the Quabbin watershed which allows geocaching/letterboxing with a permit. Other parks have no policies what so ever. DCR has a Park Passport program that has one stamp for each park region in Massachusetts.
Land Trust AllianceMost trusts associated with the Land Trust Alliance either allow geocaching/letterboxing or are silent on it. Of course, each member sets their own rules. Many of the properties within Massachsuetts towns are held by local land trusts assocaited with the LTA.
Massachusetts Audubon SocietyThe Massachusetts Audubon Society has no policy, but seems to be tolerant of letterboxing. Plenty of letterboxing gatherings have been held on MAS property.
Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and WildlifeThe Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife) has no formal policy regarding or prohibiting geocaching on its 170,000 acres of Wildlife Management Areas and state Wildlife Sanctuaries. Laws and regulations regarding the use of these properties for hunting, fishing, hiking and other activities are found at MGL Chapter 131 and CMR 321
Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and WildlifeThe Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife) has no formal policy regarding or prohibiting geocaching on its 170,000 acres of Wildlife "Management Areas and state Wildlife Sanctuaries. Laws and regulations regarding the use of these properties for hunting, fishing, hiking and other activities are found at MGL Chapter 131 and CMR 321" -Bill Davis, District Manager
New England Forestry FoundationThe New England Forestry Foundation supports geocaching and letteroxing, as evidenced by an NEFF-sponsored geocaching event in 2007.
Sudbury Valley TrusteesSudbury Valley Trustees, a land trust organization, supports letterboxing! We only ask that you let us know if you would like to plant a box on our property.
Trustees of ReservationsThe Trustees of Reservations has no policy on letterboxing, but seems to be tolerant. They have policies for most other activies, including mountain biking, dog walking, and photography, but have set no polcy for caching or boxing. They rent GPS devices at their Tully Lake location so you can go geocaching (see the FAQs), so assumptions are its OK provided you follow their Stewardship Code (basically, respect the environment).
Genesee County ParksPlease submit completed application and $10 non-refundable permit fee at least two (2) weeks prior to the date cache will be placed.
Township of YpsilantiThe Charter Township of Ypsilanti Park Commission and Recreation Department are pleased to support the activities of Geocaching and Letterboxing. We also recognize the need to maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing park system while protecting the township's natural resources for the communities' enjoyment.
Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation CommissionThe Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to support the sport of Geocaching. We also recognize the need to maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing park system while protecting the county?s natural resources for residents? enjoyment. A no-fee permit is required.
Anoka County ParksAll caches must be approved and registered by the Anoka County Parks and Recreation Department.
Carver County Parks & RecreationCaches are to be registered and permitted through the Carver County Parks Office.
City of Brooklyn ParkBrooklyn Park Recreation and Parks Department wants to encourage positive use of its parks and geocaching can be a good use of the parks. Caches must be registered, and after 12 months must be re-registered.
City of Detroit Lakes Parks DepartmentAll caches placed on Detroit Lakes City Parks must be registered. Geocaching is only permitted in the GAR Park, Beaton Park, Long Lake Park, Washington Park (City Park), Sucker Creek Preserve and the Rotary Soccer Complex. The City of Detroit Lake Parks Department reserves the right to disallow geocaching in any area of any park. All unregistered caches will be removed.
Eden Prairie Parks and RecreationGeocaching is permitted in specific parks and conservation areas of the City of Eden Prairie with an approved permit.
Minnesota Department of Natural ResourcesContact the individual park manager to discuss appropriate locations for a geocache or letterbox.
Pelican Rapids City ParksThe Pelican Rapids Parks Department welcomes responsible geocaching.
Ramsey County ParksRamsey County Parks and Recreation Department wants to encourage positive use of its parks and feels that geocaching can be a good use of the parks, with some restrictions.
Three Rivers Park District (formerly Hennepin ParkGeocaching is allowed in regional parks and park reserves within Three Rivers Park District. Caches must not be placed at regional trails or special recreation features. All caches must be placed in Three Rivers Park District must be registered. Unregistered caches will be removed.
Washington County ParksLetterboxes and geocaches are generally allowed in Washington County Parks where they follow the guidelines.
Mt. Pleasant Parks and RecreationA permit is required to place a letterbox or geocache.
Blue Springs Parks and Recreation DepartmentAny individual, group, or organization wishing to place a cache, actual or virtual, is required to complete and have approved, a Geocaching Placement Permit Application.
Camdenton Caching PolicyThe City permits geocaching in keeping with its mission to preserve the City Park and to provide opportunities for safe recreational activities. The purpose of this policy is to establish management guidelines for geocaching, so as to minimize impact on the natural and cultural resources.
Columbia Parks and Recreation DepartmentAny visitor wishing to place a treasure container on park property is required to complete and have approved an Official Geocaching / Letterboxing Placement Permit.
Jefferson City ParksParks and Recreation allows geocaching in the Jefferson City Parks system.
Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC)Since April 30, 2009, MDC has permitted geocachers and letterboxers who acquire a Special Use Permit to place caches and letterboxes on many conservation areas. To get a Special Use Permit, search our online Conservation Atlas to find the area you wish to use, and call the phone number listed for that area. See also: Special Use Permits Conditions and Considerations
Missouri State Park System Geocaching/LetterboxingAny visitor wishing to place a cache on state park or state historic site property is required to complete and have approved, an Official Geocaching/Letterboxing Placement Permit.
Springfield - Greene County ParkAny individual, group, or organization wishing to place a cache on a Springfield - Greene County Park Board site is required to complete and have approved, an Official Geocaching Placement Permit.
Montana Fish, Wildlife & ParksIt is necessary to obtain permission from the manager of the park before placing a cache.
Lower Platte North Natural Resources DistrictPlacement of a geocache on Lower Platte North NRD property must be secured with a Special Use Permit.
Nebraska Game and Parks CommissionPlacement of a cache on Parks property must be secured with a Special Occasion Permit.
Nebraska State Parks and Recreation AreasPlacement of a cache on Parks property must be secured with a Special Occasion Permit.
New Hampshire
Watts Audobon Sanctuary, Effingham, NHLetterboxes are not allowed.
New Mexico
Bureau of Land ManagementPrior to establishing a cache on public lands, please contact the local BLM Field Office to identify the intended location and to request authorization.
New York
Buffalo Audubon SocietyThe Buffalo Audubon Society allows letterboxes that are placed with permission.
Genesee Valley GreenwayAny visitor wishing to place a cache must complete an application for a geocache placement permit, which requires review and authorization by the park manager or designee.
New York State ParksNew York State Parks requires a person or persons to submit an application for a permit when leaving any item in the park. If approved the holder/owner of the permit must comply with the permit standards. Any letterbox or geocache found without a current permit is promptly removed. This is to ensure the safety of our park patrons and the park itself.
The Nature Conservancy, New YorkGeocaching and letterboxing are currently not allowed.
North Carolina
Duke ForestDue to concerns including: protection of research and natural areas; preservation of cultural and archaeological sites; maintenance of trails and the creation of unauthorized trails; safety of visitors and liability; and, the overall adherence to Forest use guidelines, placing and/or searching for geocaches, terracaches, letterboxes, or any other form is strictly prohibited in all divisions of the Duke Forest.
North Carolina State ParksLetterboxing is allowed but requires a Special Activity Permit with a fee every 3 months. No policy link at this time.
North Dakota
North Dakota Parks & Recreation DepartmentAny visitor wishing to place a cache on state park property is required to complete and have approved an Official Geocaching Placement Permit.
Bulter County ParksGeocaches are allowed with the approval of park staff.
Cleveland Metroparks
Columbus Ohio Metro Parks RulesPlease note the Geocaching policy, which applies to letterboxers as well.
Crawford Park DistrictWritten permission from the Crawford Park District must be obtained before placement of any cache. A cache placed previous to this policy (October 07) is grandfathered, and will not be removed. We are requesting grandfathered caches to be identified.
Five Rivers MetroParksYou must apply for a permit to place a GeoCache in Five Rivers MetroParks, apply online at or call (937) 277- 4374.
Geauga Park DistrictPermits are required for all geocaches, letterboxes, munzes, quests, and any other outdoor based GPS games.
Hamilton County Park DistrickNo permit is required but you must agree to their guidelines, including maintenance on a regular basis.
Lake MetroparksAll geocaches, letterboxes, munzees, quests, etc. first require a permit from the park system. Address: 11211 Spear Road, Township of Concord, OH 44077 Phone: (440) 639-7275
Sandusky County ParksA permit must be obtained to place letterboxes in any Sandusky County Park District Park. Contact the administrative office at 419-334-4495 or the ranger number at 419-355-7066 for more information.
Stark County Park DistrictGeocaches and letterboxes may be placed by permit only.
Stark County ParksGeocaches and Letterboxes are allowed with permit.
Westerville Metro ParksThe cache owner must contact the individual park for a cache site. A completed application must be submitted with an original signature of cache owner.
River Parks Authority Geocaching PolicyIndividuals wishing to place caches or letterboxes in River Parks must first obtain a permit for each geocache or letterbox they wish to place. Permits are obtained by submitting a Geocache Placement Application to the River Parks Authority.
Tulsa CountyPlease check the desired location with local park contacts before placing a letterbox or geocache.
Tulsa ParksA permit is not required for the placing or searching for geocaches within Santa Clara County Parks. We ask that you choose a location and let the appropriate contact person (see below) know the proposed site before you place your cache. Your site will probably work out just fine, but we might be able to advise you of potential problems you might want to solve before you set up your cache.
Allegheny National ForestGeo-caching is a permissible dispersed recreation activity on most areas of the Allegheny National Forest.
Centre Region Parks & Recreation Geo-GameCentre Region Parks & Recreation welcomes geo-gaming as a healthy physical activity that encourages outdoor adventures. The purpose of this policy is to establish management and placement guidelines for geo-gaming so as to minimize the impact on natural and cultural resources in the municipal parks of the Centre Region. Permits are required at this time for Geocaches and Letterboxes only. There is no fee to obtain a Permit. This policy does not cover caches/letterboxes located in state parks, state forests, school lands, university lands, or non-park areas of municipal lands.
Clearfield County Recreation & Tourism AuthoriGeocaches and letterboxes are allowed without permit.
Jenkins Arboretum, Devon PALetterboxing is not allowed at Jenkins Arboretum.
Lancaster County ConservancyThe Lancaster County Conservancy does not permit the general public to hide geocaches/letterboxes on lands it protects.
Montgomery County ParksPlacement is allowed with review and approval according to park guidelines for a maximum of 3 years.
Mount NittanyMount Nittany Conservancy welcomes geo-gaming as a healthy physical activity that encourages recreation. The purpose of this policy is to establish management and placement guidelines for geo-gaming so as to minimize the impact on natural and cultural resources on MNC-managed land.
Pennsylvania's State Park and State ForestPlacement of geocaches on lands administered by the DCNR - Bureau of State Parks / Bureau of Forestry requires authorization of the Park Manager / District Forester or designee.
Robbins Park, Ambler PALetterboxes need permission and approval by the park staff.
York County ParksPlacement of Geo Caches on land administered by the York County Department of Parks and Recreation requires authorization of the Parks' Executive Director or his designee.
Rhode Island
Audubon Society of Rhode IslandWe do not allow placement of either letterboxes or geocaches on Audubon property.
-Scott Ruhren, Ph.D, Senior Director of Conservation
South Carolina
Charleston County Park and Recreation CommissionLetterboxing participants must abide by all CCPRC park regulations. Letterboxes must be officially registered with
Metro Nashville and Davidson County ParksNo one may "hide" an item on Metro Nashville government park property without permission.
Tennessee State Parks PoliciesPark officials have notified LbNA that the placement of letterboxes requires a permit. Non-permitted letterboxes are considered unattended personal property and may not be left unattended for longer than 24 hours.
Carrollton Parks and Recreation DepartmentThe Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department supports the sport of geocaching, using GPS equipment and the World Wide Web to place and locate a "cache" in the park system. We believe that geocaching will increase the public's exposure to the parks and historical sites within the City of Carrollton. We ask that you post information about park curfews on the cache description. It is very tempting to break the rules "just this once" if unaware of park restrictions when hunting that cache. Utilization of a cache at the Elm Fork Nature Preserve is prohibited due to the sensitivity of this area.
Fredericksburg Parks & Recreation DeptThe City of Fredericksburg Tx. Parks & Recreation Dept. requires approval of the Park Manager before a cache or letterbox can be placed in any City park.
Government Canyon Natural Area, San AntonioDo not plant letterboxes in Government Canyon State Natural Area without proper registration and permits. See the Park Managers for necessary forms.
Jellystone Park Waller TXDo not plant letterboxes in this private park.
Texas State ParksA cache permit must be completed by the person placing the cache and approved by the Park Superintendent or designee before a cache can be placed on a state park or historic site. The permit must include the exact cache location, including GPS coordinates; name of geocacher placing the cache, a valid address, telephone number, email address (if applicable), driver's license number (if applicable), and the website address on which the cache will be posted.
Red Cliffs Desert ReserveAll geocaches proposed to be located within the boundaries of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve must have written approval from the Washington County HCP Administration prior to placement. Those located within Snow Canyon State Park must also have written permission from the park manager.
Beaverdam Park, GloucesterIt is the policy of Beaverdam Park, Gloucester, Virginia, to accept applications to conduct Geocaching/Letterboxing activities in the park.
Fairfax County Park AuthorityGeocaching, letterboxing, and other similar activities are allowed in many Park Authority parks. Guidelines have been established to assure good stewardship of the natural and cultural resources in the parks.
New Kent County ParksGeocaches and letterboxes must be registered with the park where they are placed.
Virginia State ParksBefore placing a geocache or letterbox in a state park, see the Geocaching Guidelines.
Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge ComplexPhysical letterboxes are not allowed on site.
Washington State ParksIn order to place a cache on State Parks' property, an individual or organization must obtain a Geocache Placement Permit from State Parks. Any cache located on State Parks' property that does not have a permit on file is subject to removal from its location, and after notification of the owner (if known), may be disposed of within 10 days. Washington State Parks supports and encourages these recreational activities in state parks as long as participants follow the placement guidelines and you have a current permit. The permits are free and easy to fill out. You can find information and a link to permits by following the link provided: Washington State Parks Activities . Please fill it out and submit it to the park where your property will be located.
West Virginia
Appalachian Trail ConservancyThe Conservancy acknowledges that geocaching and similar activities along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail may be appropriate. Geocachers are responsible for knowing the ownership of the lands they intend to recreate on, contacting the land-management agency (state, forest or park as appropriate) or private landowner and obtaining the necessary permits or written permission.
West Virginia State Parks and ForestsThere is a permit application for those wishing to place caches in state parks and/or forests in West Virginia.
City of Madison ParksAnyone wishing to place a cache in a city of Madison park must contact Rhonda Veroeven who will gain permission from Madison Parks representative. To contact Rhonda please email at rveroeven wi-geocaching com. Geocaching activity is only allowed in general parklands in the City of Madison and Geocaching activity is prohibited at: Forest Hill Cemetery, Olbrich Garden, City of Madison conservation parks, Odana Golf Course, Monona Golf Course, Yahara Golf Course, Glenway Golf Course and areas with identified Indian Mounds.
Dane County ParksDane County has a geocaching policy in place that requires geocachers to fill out a permission form before placing a cache. Cachers also pay a $10 fee for an annual agreement to place a cache. In order to receive permission you need to contact the Dane County Parks office (608-242-4576 or
Ho Chunk NationGeocaches on Ho Chunk Nation land require a permit from the Tribal Preservation Officer. Should you wish to place a cache on HCN land, complete the form and send it to the TPO at bill.quackenbush(at) You should wait to receive confirmation from the tribe before submitting your geocache to
Isanti County ParksBefore a cache is posted, volunteers must check the website for inaccuracies.
Milwaukee County ParksGeocaching is an acceptable activity in the Parks when all the guidelines are followed.
State of Wisconsin Department of Natural ResourcesGeocaches placed on Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource managed lands require permission by means of a notification form. Please print out a paper copy of the notification form, fill in all required information, then submit it to the land manager.
University of Wisconsin Lakeshore Nature PreserveNo geocaches may be placed in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve without a permit. Caches established in violation of these guidelines will be confiscated.
Vernon County ParksVernon County requests that the Wisconsin DNR notification form be filled out and submitted for caches placed in county parks and forests. Forms can be sent to Vernon County Parks, 220 Airport Rd., Viroqua, WI 54665. For more information, contact Rod Engh at 608-637-5485.
Vernon County ParksVernon County requests that the Wisconsin DNR notification form be filled out and submitted for caches placed in county parks and forests. Forms can be sent to Vernon County Parks, 220 Airport Rd., Viroqua, WI 54665. For more information, contact Rod Engh at 608-637-5485.
Village of DeForestThe Village of DeForest Parks, Recreation & Natural Resources Department supports geocaching. Before placing a cache in our park system or before posting coordinates online, please have your cache location approved.
Waukesha County ParksTo place a physical or virtual cache, you must have prior written permission from the Waukesha County Park System.
Waushara County ParksWaushara County has a geocaching policy in place that requires geocachers to fill out a notification form before placing a cache.
Wisconsin State Natural AreasLetterboxes and geocaches are not permitted in any Wisconsin State Natural Area.
Parks CanadaGeocaching is an activity that can occur at national historic sites, national parks and national marine conservation areas managed by Parks Canada. While geocaching is embraced by Parks Canada at the national level, it is important to note that the activity may not be permitted at all of Parks Canada's locations.
British Columbia, Canada
Swan Lake & Christmas Hill SanctuariesLetterboxes are restricted within the Sanctuary and will only be considered if a map showing the location of all boxes is forwarded to the site manager at the below address. Swan Lake includes Christmas Hill and both are conservation areas with many rare and protected species. Letterboxes may lead people off the trails with unneeded impacts on this very sensitive place. Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary 831 RALPH Street Victoria BC Canada
Ontario, Canada
Conservation HaltonGeocaching policy (also applies to letterboxing).
Other International
New South Wales Department of Environment, ClimateThe NPWS will evaluate applications on the basis of potential impacts on the area's natural and cultural values, on other park users and on infrastructure. Events must have only minimum impacts on the environment and should not generate any permanent or long-term impacts.