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Don't Think LbNA #45376

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Jan 22, 2009
Location: 5919 Franklin Ave
County:Los Angeles
Found by: blackhawkgreyduck
Last found:Aug 1, 2010
Last edited:Mar 28, 2024
Alive and well as of 3/28/24

The Upright Citizens Brigade began as an improv comedy troupe in Chicago. Their motto was simply "Don't Think." They later moved to New York City and opened a theater, doing performances seven nights a week, as well as offering classes in sketch writing and improv comedy.

In the late 90s they had a sketch comedy series on Comedy Central. In the show, they represented an all-powerful underground organization who's stated goal was to proliferate chaos, to make the powerful less powerful and to destabilize society.

After the shows three-year run, the members continued to work at the theater, as well as branch out into other television and film work. The most high-profile member has been Amy Poehler, who joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2001.

Although the New York theater continues, the other members have relocated to Los Angeles, and in 2005 opened a second theater at 5919 Franklin Ave in Hollywood. Various improv, sketch and stand-up comedy shows run seven nights a week, and improv classes are also available.

From the 101 Freeway exit at Hollywood Blvd, head north on Bronson Ave. The theater is on Franklin, just west of Bronson. Continue north on Bronson until it ends, turn left onto Canyon Dr and continue north. Enter the the gates of Bronson Canyon on the west end of Griffith Park, drive all the way to the end and park on the left.

Continue north on the wide trail, cross a small bridge, veer left and go uphill. Up and up past the Giving Tree on the right. Stop when you reach a sharp turn that goes left and northwest. Just before the curve is a small boulder on the left.

Standing at the boulder, look northeast at 50 degrees uphill and you'll see a slight path heading up to some cacti (Update: you'll see there cacti, and once you start walking you'll find remnants of the path). At the cacti it splits, so go left, round a curve right between the cacti, then curve left and up. You'll pass under a canopy of small trees. Actually, it will one day again be a canopy, but right now it's recovering from recent fires (Update: it has never recovered, but you'll know it as you pass under the low, gnarled arches). After the last arch in the grove, look to the right a few feet for a large rock, with smaller rocks behind it covering the box (Update: the large rock has a thorny bush beside it).

The original stamp was graciously carved for me by Buffalo Tony, who's at least as big of a fan of the UCB as I am, if not more.

When you're finished, make sure the logbook is in a bag, and that bag and the stamp are in the other bag, and they are sealed tightly in the box, completely hidden under the rocks.

NOTE: I originally learned of this hike when seeking "The Data Recovery Mission" by Q. That series was retired when I planted this, but has since been replaced by "Don't Lose Your Head" so bring those clues along.