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The Empty Tomb LbNA #9906

Owner:Scarab Contact
Plant date:Aug 13, 2004
Found by: GreaseLightning
Last found: Aug 21, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 13, 2004
Do this letterbox after completing "Winged Death's Head" and before the OysterVille box that starts in the cemetery. The cemetery is a short ways out Old Mill Road from Osterville on Cape Cod. Please be respectful during your visit.

I used to have trouble visiting the cemetery at night. I got scared. I felt irrational, uncontrolable, fear that grew as I walked and looked around in the dark at the headstones and shadows.

Set into the hill by the road is a tomb that gives me the creeps. Yet it always fascinated me.

The door is a large, heavy piece of solid slate. A hole is cut for a keyhole, covered with a swinging cross shaped plate. A corner of the door is broken off. The door is jammed so tight I doubt if it could be opened again without heavy tools and breakage.

On the side of the tomb is a pipe, presumably for air circulation. I shudder to think why. I do know one of the reasons why people built above ground tombs. In the time of Edgar Allen Poe, and other gothic horror stories, people had a terrible fear of being buried alive. They would have coffins rigged with a string and a bell just in case. They feared the idea of being buried six feet under dirt and trapped. Hence an above ground tomb and one with ventilation too.

The whole structure is crumbling. It gives me the creeps that you might be able to see inside.

Take some notes. I will ask you to use the numbers later on. What is the date over the door? Peering inside how many coffins can you see? How many have broken open? How many bones do you see?

Take those numbers and add them all together to get "the number".

Subtract the number from 2236. In that direction you will see a large tree with a shocking 8 trunks. How did it grow that way? How could it? I find it an odd justaposition to find Mr. Tallman beneath it.

Subtract the number from 2190. Head off in that direction past the cedar tree and Chadwick. Continue past Adams' distinctive, iron headstone with the anchor on the side, past granite Parker until you get to the intersection. Past Whitehead's white stone a dirt road leads into the woods.

Subtract the number from 1996. Count your steps down the path from the edge of the forest. A path will be on your left. Take it. At about 100 steps you will find a circular clearing where there is a hill about to overlook the pond.

Turn around three times in the circle for protection from the spirits.

Subtract the number from 2046. Walk down the path in that direction for "1928 - the number" steps. You will have a large pine tree right against the path on your left.

At "2126 - the number", the appropriate 13 steps away, you will find the missing coffin behind a tree with a twisted knee.

Please rehide where you found it and cover it completely with sticks and leaves. It's getting dark. Be careful walking back through the cemetery. Please bring your own stamp pad.