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Prayer Rock LbNA #9260

Plant date:Apr 30, 1998
Planted by:vermontviking
Found by: Rabbit's Relations
Last found:Oct 16, 2016
Last edited:Apr 30, 1998
Missing since August 2007 when it went floating down the river, this historic letterbox was replaced on Apr 30, 2009.

The first LbNA letterbox with a hand carved stamp, Prayer Rock was planted by the Vermont Viking. Unfortunately, the letterboxing community lost the Vermont Viking recently.


From a well known incantation, follow the text 35 steps at 125 degrees, as the crow flies to a big tree, thence 75 steps on the same compass bearing upstream almost reaching #40.

Take 5 steps at 220 degrees and then turn to 300 degrees for 4 more steps. Find the box under a heavy flat rock.


Some agility required; Good place to fish, picnic, and enjoy the river; In the past, Vermont Viking had removed the letterbox for the winter but we plan to leave it in place.

We have learned that during the summer/fall this spot has heavy poison ivy, so please use care.

History of Prayer Rock: Local lore has it that, as the early woodsmen brought their logs to Bristol in the spring, there was a very bad mudhole near the rock. The woodsmen would utter considerable profanity trying to get their log teams through through the mud, and this was the reason for having the prayer chiseled in the rock.

This is a very public and busy place in season and it can be hard to find the box discreetly. We recommend trying to arrive in the early morning before the crowds. But failing that, perhaps hold up a camera and pretend to take touristy pictures while you choose your moment carefully to dash in and grab the box. Another trick we use in these public spots is to bring a black trash bag and pick up litter on our way to the spot. Bend over for that last piece of litter and poof! Box in hand, nobody the wiser.

And of course, please - please rehide it better than you found it!

Dedicated to the memory of the Vermont Viking.