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Utah's State Animal (GFCS #4) LbNA #7990 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:CW Sun Seeker
Plant date:Apr 19, 2004
City:Park City
Found by: Twinville_Trekkers
Last found:Jul 25, 2007
Last edited:Apr 19, 2004
Gifts from Connecticut Series #4 (GFCS #7): Utah's State Animal
Created by: Chuck and Molly, and planted by CW Sun Seeker
Thank you Chuck and Molly and to Butterfly for delivering this box to Utah at the CT - SLC, UT Gathering on January 3, 2004.

This box is at the Jordonelle Dam Overlook.

From I-80 take Hwy. 40 towards Heber City. (Fom Park City, take Kearns Blvd. to Hwy. 40) Turn left at the turn-off for the Jordonelle Dam, then go 2 1/2 miles to the look-out, and park.

At the kiosk, go 22 "rocks" (various types and sizes) to the right, starting from the large darker dome-shaped rock. The box is hidden under a "clumped together rock" on the side facing the cement barrier, with smaller rocks blocking it from view.