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The Crown Jewel LbNA #7819

Plant date:Apr 12, 2004
County:British Columbia, CAN
Planted by:TeamNorthwestPassage
Found by: The Lovebirds
Last found:Apr 29, 2009
Last edited:Apr 12, 2004
Starting Point: Elk Lake Park, which is off of the Pat Bay Highway in Victoria.

Directions: From the Pat Bay Highway, take a left on Sayward Road if you are coming from the downtown direction (or take a right if coming from the Sidney direction). Then take a left on Hamsterly Road. Next, take a right on Brookleigh Road. Park in the first parking lot to your left.

--Take the path to your right, which would lead you around the lake.

--After you pass the 'Paws Here Rover' sign on your right, walk for roughly 3 minutes further along the path.

--Relatively soon after you notice the small '4 km' signpost on your right, be on the lookout for "Souls Sitting by the Shores of Old Romance" on your left, which you'll find in an open area.

--After you spot "Souls...", take the first path to your right. (Distance between "Souls..." and the path's beginning is 24 paces [15 seconds].)

--Take 38 paces (21 seconds) down this new trail on the right. Stop!

(Update: November 2006. Some recent windstorms have made this portion of the hunt more arduous than originally intended. Some new trees have fallen across your route, but please know that the "immense uprooted tree roots" that you are looking for are deeper into the bush, rather than alongside the trail.)

--Turn 90 degrees to your left, and let the serious bushwhacking begin! Take 12 paces straight into the bush, towards two fallen trees which will block your path. These 12 paces will take you to the first tree. Go under or over both trees.

--Next, make your way to the immense uprooted tree roots that lie ahead. It should take you 20 paces (19 seconds) to reach the roots. Make your way around the roots, on the the right side.

--You should now be standing next to the roots on the right side. You'll know that you're in the appropriate place when you spot "Swell to You of Earth and Sea..." inscribed on a large piece of true outdoorsy furniture quite far to your left! A little out of place, I know.

--Now take note of the actual tree trunk that belongs to the roots. There are two trees which bisect the huge trunk perpendicularly. The first tree lies underneath the large trunk, and is covered with ivy. The second rests overtop of the huge trunk and is further away.

--This second tree is draped over the main large tree trunk, as well as over a graceful camel-necked cedar. Hanging beneath this cedar camel's neck sits the Crown Jewel!