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Funeral Procession LbNA #76402

Owner:Creeping Death
Plant date:Jan 15, 2023
City:La Verne
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Jan 19, 2023
Last edited:Jan 20, 2023
Clue image
Out with the old in with the new. My signature stamp needed an upgrade so I'm sending my original stamp to get buried and moved along from cemetery to cemetery. This box will start off at the closest cemetery near me but pick it up like a hitch hiker and move it along to the next cemetery. If you cannot move it just log in and leave it be. Send me the update on which new cemetery and the clues.

Clue: 3201 B St
Trinity box:Drive into the cemetery during normal operating hours and drive as far to the N/W as pavement allows and park. Walk to the extreme N/W corner of the location and peer into the tiny "planter" encircling the property. In the absolute corner dig down approximately 6-8" to find a 2x3x3 L&L box in a baggy with a blob of cement runoff on top. Enjoy and replace as Found...

15JAN2023 San Gabriel cemetery CA
19JAN2023 La Verne CA

Hike length: 0.1 miles