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THEFUNKYDUDES HollidayPark (3 Boxes) LbNA #76396

Plant date:Jan 1, 2023
Location: Holliday Park Indy
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jan 6, 2023
"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."
- Willy Wonka

For all lovers of life, this series of 3 Letterboxes located at gorgeous Holliday Park in Indianapolis may just be for you. Planted by JUDE and JULIAN and Daddy and Mommy on the first day of 2023, it shall hopefully provide grand fun, adventure and a most beautiful short hike through the woods. Please say hi to the squirrels from us too.

Start by first traveling to Holliday Park, located at 6363 Spring Mill Road, Indianapolis, and heading to the PLAYGROUND AREA located on the south side of the park. Admission and parking are free. Once you've parked near the playground, follow these directions to find Letterboxes 1, 2 and, with a little luck, 3!

1. To find LETTERBOX 1, follow the sidewalk from the parking area toward the playground, walking past the "medium" and "small" playgrounds toward the "big slide". Before you reach the Big Slide, you will see a gazebo located in the center. To the left of the gazebo, you will find "Mr. Butterfly" behind a fence in a half-circled bush area. (*He might be a dragonfly or a butterfly, but you'll know him when you see him.) Just behind Mr. Butterfly, you'll see a large rock with words engraved on it. Reach behind this magic rock, and there, you shall find LETTERBOX 1. Inside will be a special prize for you too. If you take this prize, please replace with another of your own, for those who follow to find.

2. From there, to find LETTERBOX 2, head southward toward the trails, on the southeast corner of the park. You'll know you are in the right place when you find yourself at a curved deck overhanging the White River, located down the hill. Follow the path with the "Number 2" arrow down the side of the hill and follow for 1/2 mile, past a 4 foot tall stump. At the fork in the row by the bench, continue on the trail down the hill, down the stone steps (following the "Number 2" trail, with the river on your right). At the next fork, GO LEFT and follow the stone staircase with the wooden railing down the hill and over the bridge over the river, continuing on the trail. Follow the wooden pathway until it ends -- and you find the rock labeled "3 to the right," and "4 to the left." Head TOWARD THE RIVER on the trail from here, and when you see a little stump, look and you will see a large tree that looks like a hand giving a PEACE SIGN with two fingers making a letter V. Inside this tree you will find Letterbox #2 under some leaves!! You did it, and you are awesome, by the way! :)

3. You are now on your way to the third and final stage of this quest, known as The Funky Dudes Letterbox Adventure. Turn back and you will see a white sign on a tree. Turn right and head back up the hill looking for the other stairs that go up the hill, back to the big rock that says "3" and "4" on it. Look for the wooden bench made from a tree and walk towards it. You will see the remnants of an old waterfall on your left. Continue walking over the wooden bridge, and turn right on the trail toward the tree, broken and bending over -- across the broken concrete slab that looks like a bridge. Jude calls this the "broken teeter-totter."

Take a left after the broken teeter-totter, follow the path, winding back with a creek on your left hand side, towards the river, where you found Letterbox #2. (Across the river you will see a white dam/treatment plant on the other side of the White River, just to make sure you are heading in the right direction.) At the bottom of the "bottomless stump" -- a half tree where if you drop anything into it, it will fall all the way to the bottom -- hidden under some leaves and sticks, you will FIND LETTERBOX #3!

What a joy, what a wonder! You've completed your quest!

Now, head back up the trail to the playground, saying hi to all the squirrels along your way, and enjoy some time on the big slide at the playground. Bring a picnic basket too, says Julian, for the best day ever! Be sure to say bye-bye to "Mr. Buttlerfly" on the way out when you leave.

Thanks for searching, hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for more Letterboxing adventures soon from Jude, Julian, Daddy and Mommy Potts ... Trailname: Love Is The Answer. Happy 2023!