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Rollin' on the River LbNA #76382

Owner:Creeping Death Contact
Plant date:Dec 18, 2022
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Dec 21, 2022
Last edited:Dec 19, 2022
Clue image
Volkswagen Collection
More like cruising down Mission Inn Ave

Mt Rubidoux Park trail
Enter either through 9th Street or Glenwood Dr
Walk up the asphalt roadway
At the X intersection head Northeast - stay on asphalt
Once you locate Ermina's bench keep heading up
Continue by walking another 70 paces
Don't pass the black poles
On the right side of the path you will see boulders
Look for the yellow paint mark on asphalt
Go down seven feet - yellow paint mark on big boulder
Remove smaller rocks hiding the box
Skull size rock I am not - careful I'm heavy
Muggles everywhere especially on the weekend - Be stealthy

Hike length: 2-3 miles