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Transportation Hitchhiker Hostel - RETIRED LbNA #7569 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Mar 21, 2004
Planted by:Nautilus and Culex Contact Inactive
Found by: Medicine Bear
Last found:May 25, 2007
Last edited:Mar 21, 2004

TERRAIN/LENGTH: Short, easy walk on mostly paved surfaces.

BACKGROUND: Maine now has it's very own hitchhiker hostel! For those unfamiliar with hitchhiker hostels, they are letterboxes with a stamp and logbook of their own, yet they also are guaranteed to always contain a hitchhiker (in this case two). However, YOU MAY ONLY TAKE A HITCHHIKER IF YOU LEAVE ONE IN ITS PLACE. Please make sure to stamp any hitchhikers you leave into the box logbook and stamp the box stamp into the hitchhiker's logbook as well as leaving your personal stamps in the box logbook. Please make a note of which HHs you are dropping off or picking up in the logbook. Thanks!

Here hitchhikers can catch a ride
By train, or bus, or car.
A conveniently located center-
Interstate exit nineteen's not far.
Begin your search at the entrance to the PARK AND RIDE lot.
Find the DNE sign with it's back to the stop.
Follow up four lightposts and look UP to your left.
It's hidden amongst rocks, in a cleft.

NOTE: Discretion is required at this location and the box must be carefully rehidden. Also, please remember- do NOT take a hitchhiker unless you leave one in it's place. THERE SHOULD BE TWO HITCHHIKERS PLUS THE BOX STAMP IN THIS BOX AT ALL TIMES.

(carved by Nautilus)