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Fat Man Series LbNA #75556

Owner:Wisconsin Hiker Contact Supporter
Plant date:May 20, 2021
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:2-3 mi
Last edited:Jun 1, 2021
Last checked/found: 20-MAY-2021

Location: s‘namtaF pooL liarT 5098 US-89, Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Distance: ~2.5 miles, 690’ elevation change
Time: 1.5-2 hours depending on your pace.
Terrain: Rocky dirt trail

Note: Before you hit the trail, please be sure you have plenty of water with you because it can get hot on the open trails. Wearing a hat and sunscreen will protect you from the desert sun. Hiking poles will be helpful. Be alert for snakes and scorpions (we saw a 3 ft long snake crossing the trail). Also be careful of the cactus – we can verify that they do tend to “attack” the unwary! Please remember to seal all baggies and boxes well. You may be the last person to find the box for quite a while, so do your best to protect all the contents from wet weather. Also be sure to rehide well to avoid accidental discovery by noxers.

Park in the lot near the Trailhead (see address above).

This is the story of Fred. He had never been a svelte fellow, but he grew even larger as he packed on the pounds during the pandemic. Trying new recipes, excess eating due to isolation boredom, and many other reasons/excuses led to his predicament. So in May 2021 he looked in the mirror and recognized a portly problem.

Go through the fence opening in the parking lot and take a short walk to the kiosk. From here hike .2 miles to an intersection, then take the right path. Pass KOA spur and SS/CT spur.
Soon you’ll come to a big boulder in the middle of the trail with a yucca and a trail marker behind it. Go a bit further along the trail to a spot where there is a juniper on the left edge of the trail and a pine on the right. Just beyond these trees, turn right, passing 2 boulders, and counting 24 steps to reach a tall pine. Look left. Where wood meets a large boulder, look under a small rock and pine needles to find “Recognition”. Rehide well.

Flabby Fred knew he needed to take action to regain his health. Since he lived in Flagstaff, there were many interesting hiking trails to explore, so off he went.

Return to the trail and continue on. Eventually you’ll pass beneath a few large boulders and climb up some log steps. Up, up, up! Next you’ll pass a large sitting rock on the left. Yes, you can stop for a rest, but then continue your ascent! You may want to take another breather when you reach a tall pine with views overlooking the city. Continue on through a cut log and follow the trail which takes a sharp left when a log is in view straight ahead. You’ll eventually reach a point that seems like it might be the highest spot. Walk a bit further to a pine on the left edge of the trail and a “pyramid” rock just beyond it. Walk a bit further to a boulder leaning against a pine on the left and another boulder on the other side. Look right to see a large boulder up on the hill. Walk up 14 steps on the right side of the boulder, almost to the end. Turn right and walk 8 steps in between 2 bushes/trees. On your left you’ll see a log with yucca on both ends. Behind the log is a large boulder. “Action” is nestled under the front right corner, behind a rock door. Please rehide well.

Fred continued his regime and it became a regular part of his lifestyle. He met other happy hikers on the trails which made the exercise a pleasant pastime. Soon the pandemic pounds began to melt away.

Return to the trail and continue on. Pass an intersection with the S/E trail. Walk a while, pass a juniper and boulder on the left. Eventually you’ll reach a tall pine, then a large juniper on the left, with a clearing on the right. There are fallen logs and a “holey” tree in the clearing. Stand behind this tree and walk 17 steps on a bearing of 10°. Now you can see the “Result” of Fred’s “Action”. The box is between 2 boulders on your left, under a small rock. Please rehide well.

Return to the trail and continue until you return to the parking lot.

Maybe this trail should be renamed?

We’d appreciate an email message to let us know how this series is doing if you hunt for the boxes. Thank you!