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Central Ohio COVID-19 Letterboxing Tour #1 (of 3) LbNA #75185

Plant date:Nov 21, 2020
Location: 1565 Integrity Dr. (Ventures II)
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Nov 22, 2020
Central Ohio COVID-19 Letterboxing Tour #1 (of 3)

1) Arrive at 1565 Integrity Dr N. and park in the smaller of the two parking lots.
2) When you exit your vehicle, you will want to begin your journey by heading NORTH by NORTHWEST, out the small, grassy side of the lot (toward the source of a blinding light!)
3) Find and stand underneath a street sign that “Dr(ives) you to your own personal rule of doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”
4) From under the sign, you will see a line of 5-6 tall “soldiers covered in white ash” (and 2 who we’ve lost along the way)...if you’re “stumped” with this clue, just point yourself DUE West.
5) Begin walking in the grass until you reach the end of the line, where you will see 2 grey electrical boxes, also standing tall.
6) When you stand between them, turn your body about 100 degrees to the left...if you are able to now see a cellphone tower in the distance, you are on your way (x💯)!
7) Being careful not to enter the chain-link wire fence, walk beside and along the outside of it, until you reach some overgrown shrubs. 8) Don’t look at the wrong one, “Honey”, because only the 3rd bush holds the a wooden hand.

Congratulations -- you have found #1 (of 3) Letterboxes!

NOTE: Be sure to snap the QR-code (and visit to learn how the students of Ventures II answered the Driving Question:
“How can we safely promote pandemic health, wellness, and fun for the Central Ohio community?”

Hike length: 0.1 miles