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South Mountain Park - Mormon Trailhead LbNA #74967

Owner:Monsoon Contact
Plant date:Sep 20, 2020
Location: South Mountain Park 8610 S 24th St,
Found by: Troop1264
Last found: Nov 5, 2020
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Sep 21, 2020
1. Find yourself at the Mormon Trailhead parking area.
2. Locate the Take a Hike, Do it Right sign and learn about the hiking preparedness and heat warning.
3. Facing the sign, turn 90 degrees to your right – facing the trail way.
4. Take about 35 steps until you find yourself just before the start of the trail, to your left is a large boulder.
5. Climb atop of the boulder and locate a few large rocks (ask for the help of an adult and be aware for critters, including scorpions.)
6. Lift the rocks and locate the pouch.
7. Be discrete as you place is back for others to find!