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Short Season LbNA #74955

Plant date:Sep 14, 2020
Location: DeDominicis Preserve, Corliss Lane, Cheshire, CT
Found by: SherlockMiles
Last found:Jan 22, 2023
Last edited:Sep 16, 2020
Due to the global pandemic of 2020 (and some union issues with MLB) baseball's season was cut from 162 games to 60. It was heartbreaking for those of us who look forward to the season all winter, especially after being shut in so much due to the pandemic. It was bad enough we couldn't see the games live, but we got to watch so few of them as outbreaks occurred among players and games were cancelled. So, what is a letterboxer to do? Plant a box and talk about baseball with a friend!

Some directions to this box were borrowed without permission from Hurcher:
Here is a link to the map of the property:
Please park on the Corliss Lane cul-de-sac.

Your adventure should take you about 1 hour in and out.

After you park your car in the cul-de-sac, proceed along the RED trail. Follow the trail, cross over a wooden bridge. Proceed through the opening in the 2nd stone wall. You will continue along this RED trail for a little while. You will come to a clearing where you will see THREE VERY LARGE ROCKS:

Note: The "Traveling Man" letterbox has been seen in this area!
Continue to the right, along the trail. Cross over the wooden bridge and stay LEFT to keep on the RED
trail, crossing a seasonal river bed. Be careful, as it may be muddy!

Continue on the RED trail for a short distance until you reach the junction of the RED/YELLOW trails.
Going right onto the unmarked trail would take you to some cake, but for now, go across and head uphill on the yellow trail.
As the trail starts to level a bit a short ways up, look right, about 18 steps off trail, to a hip (if you are short) or thigh (if you are tall) boulder with a tree to the right. Look behind the boulder.