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Happy Landings 2 LbNA #74851

Owner:the force Contact
Plant date:Aug 15, 2020
City:Oak Bluffs
Location: Trade Winds Field Preserve
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 15, 2020
*This is the 3rd iteration of the original box placed at this site...location of box has changed significantly. Replaced 8/16/2020 on the 15th anniversary of the original box being placed!*

Located at Trade Winds Fields Preserve, this is approximately a 2 mile loop. It is a flat, open path suitable for walking or biking.

To the trailhead:
From Oak Bluffs, follow Wing Road south to County Rd. Turn left onto County Rd. Trailhead is about 1/2 mile ahead on the left.
From Vineyard Haven/Edgartown, follow Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Rd. to County Rd. Turn right onto County Rd. Trailhead is about 1/2 mile ahead on the left.

This grass strip airfield was previously used more frequently, but is now maintained as a large, open field with small aircraft landing by special permission only. The trail provides a good view of the landing strip and taxiway, as well as a large grasslands habitat. It is a popular dog walking area, and hobbyists also fly model airplanes at this site.

Start at the Country Rd. trailhead.
Taxi down the path toward the grass airstrip.
Follow the trail through the pitch pine woods watching out
for "land mines."
Bank slight right at the first fork.
When you reach an open area, bank right at the benches.
Take off down the fence line, deviating slightly to the right at the “TRAIL” sign, the left at the T to return you to the fence line. Follow the flight plan to the left, between two fences. If you look to the left you will have a good view of the length of the landing strip.
As you parallel your original course along the other side of the runway, you might see some flying green spheres off to the right.
The path loops right, offering a good view of he entire airfield to the left. take a break at the picnic table and bench if you like. As you continue on, watch for small, white flying objects on the right.
The path continues straight, then left.
Stay left at the fork, then once again, deviate from your plan and follow the trial sign to the right. Go through the woods until you have a choice to make...follow to the left for tradewinds loop, and left again at the next choice.
When you come to the grassland overlook, fly out to take a peek before returning to the flight path to the fence line, and follow it, stopping at the corner post. You will see a blue trail marker flagging you down.
Start your approach to the marker. Once you have taxied up to it, look to the left to see the old aircraft hangar. Tothe right you will see a stone hangar that is keeping the Happy Landings "black box” safe.
Hope you enjoyed your flight!
Please rehide well so the record of the flight will remain intact.

(You can continue on about 3/4 mile from this point to
complete the trail loop past the old aircraft hangars
back to the trailhead.)