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Winter Wonderland LbNA #74779

Owner:Sandra Leesmith Contact
Plant date:Jul 19, 2020
Location: Kachina Trailhead Snowbowl Road
Found by: JoySong (4)
Last found: Oct 1, 2021
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:May 26, 2021
Are you near the Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort? If so, you will enjoy a short hike (about half a mile round trip) along the Kachina Trail. The clues are in small jars under piles of short branches. Happy hiking.

Go up Snowbowl Road to the first ski resort parking lot on the right. Go to the far end of that parking lot to the Kachina Trail Head and park your car. You will see a sign that says Kachina Trailhead. The start of the trail is behind a huge log.

Walk to Kachina Trail and walk down the trail toward the first Kachina Trail sign. On the sign it says Weatherford 5.1 mile and Schulz Tank 6.8 mile. Ten steps before the trail sign is a path to the right. Turn on to that path and follow it past a big granite boulder to the base of a huge pine tree. Walk behind the pine tree and turn right. Walk 20 steps and sit on the smooth log facing a large tree root sticking out of the ground. Behind you, under the log, you will find the winter wonderland. (Ignore the fallen tree at the base of the large pine tree.It is new since box placed.) Return to Kachina Trail.

2. Continue along the trail about 60 steps. You will see on the left a fallen log with multiple branches sticking up. Go to the skinny end of the log and cross over the log and also the log behind it. Walk 22 steps at 90 degrees. Pass a large giant boulder to another granite boulder and look between that second boulder and the aspen tree trunk. Find the snowflakes that are there even in the summer. Return to Kachina Trail.

3. Walk 120 steps along the trail until you come to a large granite boulder about 2 feet high and 7 feet wide sitting in the center of the trail. Stop 3 steps before you get to that boulder. Look left up the hill and see before the large pile of rocks, 2 fallen logs parallel to the trail. Go to the second log. Look left toward the root and find the snow covered trees. Return to the trail and continue walking.

4. Walk 155 steps until you see a large log to the right that has turned to red sawdust. Walk 15 steps along the sawdust on top of the log to the end of the log. Turn right. You will see a huge granite boulder and a small boulder at its base. Find your Christmas cheer at the base of that small rock. It’s about 12 steps below the sawdust log. Let’s celebrate Christmas all year long.

Look for Happy Hiker letterbox in the same area.