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Lassen Emigrant Trail: Conestoga LbNA #74752

Owner:MClanAz Contact
Plant date:Jul 8, 2008
Location: Hwy 36 'tween Chester &;; Westood
Found by: MClanAz
Last found: Jul 6, 2020
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Jul 8, 2020
Box alive & well July 2020!


Yahoo! This was our very first stamp carved! Yee-haw! Well, the dictionary has a Conestoga as "a broad-wheeled covered wagon drawn usually by six horses and used especially for transporting freight across the prairies." As we pull up in our comfy shock-absorbed auto, we honor those that traveled before us in wagons!

Peter Lassen opened the Lassen Emigrant Trail in 1848 when he led a 12-wagon emigrant train from Missouri to California. The route, very close if not on this spot, was extensively traveled during the years 1848-53 by emigrants seeking gold, adventure, and a new life in the west.

This box is located on Hwy 36 between Chester and Westwood, CA. It is a quick and easy drive by. You will be looking for a HISTORICAL MARKER made of stone and is on the South-West side of the highway. Take time to read it when you get there!

FROM CHESTER, CA, going East towards Lake Almanor... take and stay on Hwy 36 and pass the A-13 (a.k.a.Walker Memorial Rd.) road that takes you to the Lake Almanor peninsula. Continuing on Hwy 36, about 5 miles from the A-13 turnoff, look for the "Historical Landmark" sign indicating that what you seek is about 500 feet further up the road. SLOW DOWN as it comes up fast! The actual landmark is at the bend in the road in a dirt pullout area on the right hand side. If it sneaks up on you and you miss it, don't worry, you can turn around at the Clear Creek turnoff, Junction 147 which is less than a mile down the road.

FROM EAST OF LAKE ALMANOR on Hwy 36, head towards Junction 147 (the Clear Creek turnoff.) Pass that and stay on Hwy 36. In less than a mile, slow down and you'll see the stone landmark on the left-hand side of the highway as you start to take the bend in the road. As said above, you'll see dirt pullout area where the marker sits.

Teeing off what LCAB started... climb up the hill. When you get to the hill above, stand directly/align yourself behind the plaque/historical marker. Walk straight forward at 180° for 22 steps. You'll be between a large tree about 4 feet on your left and another on your right. You'll see a very large stump about 20 feet (11 - 13 steps) ahead. The box has its home "in" the stump with a roof and rock walls. What you seek is under the wide slabs of tree bark (the roof for winter snows) and under & between the rocks. Remove the rocks in the center only as the side rocks serve as a wall to house the box and keep animals from getting to it. After leaving your mark, seal the bag tightly with stamp & log book before returning the box to its stump home. Rebuild the rock walls securely if necessary & place the rock weight on the box. Replace all the bark roof slabs before leaving, to keep the box safe from the elements & wildlife. Please notify us when the book gets close to being filled up!

Please be discreet as you can be easily seen by those on the road. Thanks for checking it out and Happy Trails

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Hike Length: 0.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 0 feet