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Hourglass Selenite Crystals - Oklahoma Official Symbols LbNA #74040

Owner:GoodOleDays Contact
Plant date:Aug 14, 2019
Location: City Park
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 15, 2019
Clue image
The Hourglass Selenite Crystal was designated as our state's official crystal in 2005. These crystals are found only on the salt plains of Oklahoma. They are particularly beautiful with the hourglass shape formed by sand and clay. We think this is one of our most unique official symbols. The Great Salt Plains are also home to many species of birds and other animals. The Bald Eagle makes the Salt Plains off limits to digging for crystals October to April each year while they are nesting in our state!

Cherokee, Oklahoma is on state highway 8, NW of Enid in the Red Carpet Country of Oklahoma. Drive into town and follow the sign to the City Park (and swimming pool) on E. 2nd Street. Park and walk to the horseshoe pits on the N.E. Corner of the park. You'll notice 4 large evergreens on the street side of the game area. Walk to the one closest to the light pole that is illuminating that area... What you seek is handing near the trunk in the middle of the branches at about 4 feet high.

First Finder Certificate! Happy Questing!