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Honda Goldwing Motorcycle LbNA #73919

Owner:DS Contact
Plant date:Sep 2, 2017
Location: Bankhead Pkwy NE &;; Fearn St SE
Found by: Knotty Lady (3)
Last found: Sep 3, 2017
Hike distance:1 mi
Last edited:Jul 10, 2019
This is an out and back series, about 1 mile roundtrip (1/2 mile each way).

1. Honda - There is parking on the road near this intersection. Park there and start up the old paved road trail that has 2 concrete barriers keeping cars from going up the road. Walk until you see a rock outcrop about knee high on the left. At this point you can't see your car anymore. Box is behind the big rock under a little rock.

2. Goldwing - Continue up the old paved road trail. Pass the 1/4 mile marker painted on the road. Keep going until you get to a point where there is a really big tree on the left and on the right is a rocky path (perpendicular to the old paved road trail). Go behind the huge tree on the left. With your back to the back of the tree and facing the woods you see another bigger tree about 20 steps to the front and right. Box is under the front of this tree, under a rock.

3. Motorcycle - Continue up the old paved road trail. Very shortly you come to a point where Cold Springs Trail goes off to the right, the paved trail continues straight, and the Mountain Mist Trail goes off to the left. Go off to the left on the Mountain Mist Trail. Walk until you get to a big tree on left of the trail with a big knee high sized rock is at it's base. Box is behind this tree under a smaller rock on the back of the tree.