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AZSP-RM LbNA #73320

Owner:Wisconsin Hiker Contact Supporter
Plant date:Sep 2, 2018
Found by: NMRK
Last found: Mar 13, 2022
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Sep 8, 2018
Last checked/found: 2-SEP-18

Location: kraP etatS cirotsiH noisnaM nadroiR

Distance/Terrain: short stroll on level grounds

Note: Entry to walk the grounds is free, but we highly recommend the excellent tour of the house. Tour price in 2018 is $10/adult.

Since Martini Man & I moved to Arizona in 2016, we're interested in becoming more familiar with the state. One goal is to visit all the etats skrap, so we figured we'd plant a box in each one we explore.

Enter the park and explore the Visitor Center. Book a tour if you have time – the guides are great and provide lots of interesting information as you tour the interior of the house. Before or after a tour, or if you just want to see the grounds, take a stroll around the huge house. If you feel like saying “I’ve walked enough”, take a seat. Look over your left shoulder to spot a small tree surrounded by some rocks. Look around to be sure there aren’t other people approaching or use your clever wits to create a plausible scenario for examining the rocks. The box you seek is hidden under rocks on the far side of the tree circle.

If you hunt for this box, we'd appreciate an email message to let us know how the box is doing. Thanks!