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Ravenhill LbNA #72688

Owner:OPJim Contact
Plant date:Dec 27, 2017
Location: Off the '200' trail near cypress trail
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:2-3 mi
Last edited:Mar 10, 2018
In Payson, travel west to the end of Phoenix street, then park. This is the trailhead for the cypress trail. Continue on the trail to the southeast. It will cross a small dry streambed on a wooden bridge, then climb up. You will reach a three way fork: take the middle path. You will walk along a path lined with fallen trees up a slight hill. After passing a tall dead tree on your right, you will cross a shallow dry stream, then the path tops out on a rise. There is a separate path to the right (south) here, take it and you will climb then work east. About 1.4 miles from the trailhead you will see a small trail that deviates to the right: it will continue east while the mail trail cuts back to the north and down the hill. Take this small trail for about 800 feet. Where the trail comes out of the trees there will be an opening looking out across the valley. The letterbox is hidden here. Since there aren't many distinct markings here, use these GPS coordinates: N 34° 12.876 W 111° 16.867. The total 1 way distance is about 1.5 miles.

This is one of the best trails in the area. It is called the 200 trail and was created by mountain bikers.