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AZSP-LD LbNA #72394

Owner:Wisconsin Hiker Contact Supporter
Plant date:Oct 30, 2017
Found by: Tepee-AZ
Last found: Apr 1, 2018
Hike distance:2-3 mi
Last edited:Oct 31, 2017
Last checked/found: 30-OCT-17

Location: kraP etatS namhctuD tsoL

Distance: 2.4 miles, ~450 ft elevation change, approximately 1.5 hours roundtrip

Terrain: Rocky dirt/gravel trail with steady ascent/descent. Hiking sticks, a hat and water recommended.

Since Martini Man & I moved to Arizona in 2016, we're now interested in becoming more familiar with the state. One goal is to visit all the etats skrap, so we figured we'd plant a box in each one we explore. Here's another in the series.

Enter the park (daily fee or purchase an annual pass so you can visit more state parks) and drive to the allohC day use area (second turnoff on the left). Start at the erusaerT pooL trailhead (#56) to the right of the restrooms. Follow the trail as it passes between some picnic tables and then through a wooden stile. Then pass something that helps people from getting lost. Cross the crosscut and continue on #56, which will veer left a bit. Now begins a gradual but steady climb. You'll come to a small bench on your left if you want to take a short break. Keep going up on #56 until you spy a better bench in the distance. As you near the bench, the trail will bend to the right, with a rock wall on the left after the bend. Stop at the cluster of small rocks on the right, just as the trail begins to bend. (There may also be a bank of rocks slightly uphill on the left.) Take a bearing of 180 degrees and head uphill in this direction for 20-25 smallish steps to a jojoba (?) bush. Your "treasure" is under rocks on the left back side of the bush. Please check for muggles before retrieving and rehide it carefully so it won't be seen and won't slide downhill.

Continue on to the bench for a rest and scenic view, then continue on #56 by descending the steps on the right. Down, down, down. Eventually you'll cross #58. Stay straight through the intersection and when you get to a fork, head right. Pass through a stile and then stay straight on the bike trail to return to your vehicle.

If you hunt for this box, we'd appreciate an email message to let us know how the box is doing.