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AZSP-BTA LbNA #72386

Owner:Martini Man Contact Supporter
Plant date:Oct 29, 2017
Found by: Tiptoe & Tonto
Last found: Jan 4, 2019
Hike distance:1 mi
Last edited:Oct 30, 2017
Location: krap etats mutrebora nospmoht ecyob

Distance: 1 mile, 50 ft elevation change 

Time: 45 - 60 minutes depending on your pace (and traffic on the trail) 

Terrain: A short and relatively easy trail with some rocky bits and one short but steep ascent at the start. Hiking shoes are strongly recommended as is water and a hat, as shade is limited. 

Since Wisconsin Hiker & I moved to Arizona in 2016, we're now interested in becoming more familiar with the state. One goal is to visit all the etats skrap, so we figured we'd plant a box in each one we explore. This is our next addition at a very special place.

Enter the park (fee) and pick up a map, if you do not have one already. Make your way to the liart hgih and go down a short flight of stairs. Next cross a dry creek bed to continue on the trail. Be aware that in spring or monsoon season, this creek bed could have running water.

Once across, ascend up the trail for a small distance. The way is steep, but will level off after you pass through a switchback. Continue along the trail as it goes through some typical Sonoran desert landscape with a view of the creek bed and the park grounds to your left. You will reach a bench and then another. Continue on to a rockier area of the trail that takes you by an alcove of boulders on the right. The trail is solid rock here. As soon as you return to sandier terrain you will encounter a water pipe in the path.

The rocky area will be left behind, returning you to the desert landscape. Pass over a second pipe in the trail. At this point take two more steps forward and then stop. On the right side of the trail you should observe a large boulder with a jumble of smaller ones to the back and right of it. After making sure no noxers can see you, carefully ascend up the embankment to the jumble. Look behind the front ones to find the box. Be sure to poke around first for slithery or biting things as this is the desert. Also, PLEASE replace the covering rocks as you found them as they are there to keep the box in place. If you reach a third pipe in the path, you went too far.

After stamping in you can return the way you came or, if you have a park trail map, you can make an easy loop of the hike and tour more of this remarkable place. Enjoy and please send us a note to let us know how the box is doing.