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Moonstone LbNA #7185

Plant date:Dec 28, 2003
County:Palm Beach
Planted by:Boxingbuddy Contact
Found by: sharijn
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 28, 2003
"Moonstone" Letter Box
Sugar Sand Park
300 S Military Trail
Boca Raton, FL 33486

*stamp went missing and was recarved and replaced 11/06

*entire box went missing some time in 2006. Stamp was recarved and entire box was replaced and RELOCATED 11/24/07

To find the Moonstone Letter Box you must make a visit to Boca Raton's wonderful Sugar Sand Park. Park near (and VISIT!) the wonderful science playground called the "Children's Science Explorium". This is a wonderful hands-on science museum for children of all ages!! The park also has a wonderful ($1 per ride) Carousel as well as one of the most elaborate wooden science playscapes I have ever seen. If you are coming with children, plan on spending several hours here! (In the summer, make sure your children have swimsuits for the water section of the playscape!)

After visiting the park, find the walking trail which is behind the Explorium building. It is marked "Nature Trail". You may get to this path by exiting the back of the Explorium or by walking around the left side of this building.

Follow the path and have a leisurely stroll through this quiet, less populated area of the park. You will pass a picnic pavilion to your right which is a short distance away from the path. Keep walking. You will come to a second picnic pavillion which is much closer to the path. Pass it. A short distance ahead you will notice a small island in the middle of the path with palmetto bushes and a few pine trees on it. Pass this island. Just ahead you will see a bench on your right. Have a seat. You are very close! Notice the green stick (with the number 8) across the path and slightly to your left as you sit. Sit on the end of the bench which is closest to the "8" marker. The Moonstone Letterbox sits directly across the path from you! Behind and at the base of the Palmetto bush directly in front of you the Moonstone awaits your arrival!! The box is covered with pine needles and dried up palmetto leaves. Use a stick to poke a few times to locate it. By all means, be discreet!! If people are around, WAIT for a few minutes!!