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Pantry Cafe 1924 LbNA #71588

Owner:Creeping Death Contact
Plant date:Jun 30, 2017
Location: 877 south Figueroa st
City:Los Angeles
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found:Mar 20, 2022
Last edited:Jul 1, 2017
Old school restaurant series
Stop by this historic open 24 hours restaurant
which does not have a lock on the front door

To get the box head over to
Staples Center LA LIVE
Figueroa St & 12th
Downtown Los Angeles

ESPN Deportes
Down escalator twice to bottom
P2 East Garage Stair 3 stairwell
Once inside go up steps to 1st landing
On left side between concrete wall and steel I beam
Reach in the gap under the 'white steel square notch'
5x5 inch box attached by magnet

IMPORTANT: when replacing box make sure magnet
side is on the steel beam side, and that it attaches.

Parking - Pico Blvd and Flower, south on Flower free parking.

Hike length: 0.1 miles