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CANADA 150 #1 LbNA #71544

Owner:bluejay Contact
Plant date:May 31, 2017
County:British Columbia, CAN
Location: PolsonPark
Found by: AscaDuin
Last found: Jul 7, 2017
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Jun 14, 2017
This is 1 of 10 letterboxes I am planting to commemorate Canada sesquicentennial If you have an opportunity to travel this great land you may find one in each province This is #1 in the West Coast and the East Coast will be listed soon.

Enter Polson Park off Hwy 6 across from Tim Hortons, turn left and park in front of the tennis court. Walk straight past tennis court and play ground to pond, you will see windmill at left end of pond, turn right and walk along path keeping pond on the left to the end. There is a bridge you can cross to see the creek BUT what you seek is nestled in the middle of the multi trunk cedar trees across the street. Follow the sidewalk on the right of garden12 steps and step into the cedar