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Damnation Creek LbNA #7143

Owner:coyote.compass Contact
Plant date:Feb 13, 2004
City:Crescent City
County:Del Norte
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Feb 13, 2004
WARNING This stamp may be offensive to some people. Also, the hike out may be offensive to some people. ;)
My friend Kemmy and me hiked this trail that begins about 12 miles south of Crescent City. The trail head is at mile marker #16. After hiking down 1000 feet in two miles we played on a beautiful isolated beach: scrambling down a skinny trail and climbing over massive redwood-driftwoods and hopping from boulder to boulder on the rocky shore.
On the way back I planted this, my first ever letterbox at the far end of the second bridge. I put it under the right hand side of the bridge. Hopefully it won't be hard to find. It's not wedged in very secure, maybe some of you hunters could improve on that for me. I live in Portland Oregon and so probably won't be back for a while to check on it.
If you don't find it where I've said, please assume that some critter knocked it into the creek and it is long gone. We did plant it on Friday the 13th, so... Remember this is my first box, so it's probably no great loss. Besides, you got to walk on this incredible trail, and hopefully you played on the unique beach as well.