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Elf Cheer LbNA #70937

Owner:Knotty Lady Contact Supporter
Plant date:Nov 29, 2015
Location: 151 Gates Ave SE
Found by: Team JSABAIL (5)
Last found: Jan 16, 2017
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Feb 12, 2022
This was originally planted for the Tennessee's E.L.F. event and now we have found a way to plant it permanently so others can have Extreme Letterbox Fun too.

These are spread along a 2 block distance around some wonderful places to take the kids: Early Works children's museum and Constitution Village. They carry out a program for educators as well called ELF. How appropriate.

Box 1: Give me an E! Start at the corner of the Gates Ave and Franklin St. There is a walk signal at all four corners. You'll want to look for a "BLUE" box on one of the four corners and on the bottom side of this box is a black box under the North East corner stuck with magnets. You can stand on the back side of the blue box to reach this one.
Box 2: Give me an L! Now walk on Gates Ave to the next Historic marker, a smaller one placed by the Alabama Bar Association. Beside it is a set of stone steps. You'll want to check under the curve of flexible conduit pipe attached to the steps. (note: after putting this one back go ahead and step on it to get it back down)
Box 3: Give me an F! Continue to walk down Gates Ave. and you will pass the gift shop for Constitution Village, then a brick wall, then an opening into Constitution Park, then more brick wall. there is a section at the end of the wall that is low enough to sit on. You should sit right where the tall section ends. As you sit look down in the corner under rock and debris.
Box 4 - - - update for now - - - NOT available at this time - - -
Box 4: What's that spell? Keep walking on Gates and cross Madison St. walk to the parking garage. on the corner of the next street (Fountain Circle) there is a stairway and a sign on the garage that indicates Pedestrian Entrance. The guard rail support post on the right has something stuck to it.
Box 5: What's that really spell? Now walk down Fountain Circle and you will discover Bicentennial Park. As you walk around check out the lovely statuary, an arbor, a kids fountain and then find the bench dedicated to the Bryant's. As you take a seat on the bench, you can leave your boxing supplies there as you check out some holly trees behind the bench, about ten feet up in the trees you will see a short wall and a sidewalk running along the side of a building. You are looking at the base of a tree near the corner of the short wall near the sidewalk This box is the only one with a log book for this group of letter boxes.

These are very urban boxes so please be extra stealthy.

(note: you could collect the first three boxes and find a nice place to sit and return them once you are done with them)