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More Old Metal LbNA #70901

Owner:FamilyTreeShaker Contact
Plant date:Feb 5, 2017
Location: noscuT niatnuoM kraP
Found by: Baqash
Last found: Jan 13, 2021
Hike distance:3-5 mi
Last edited:Feb 6, 2017
There are a couple of letterboxes (Coyote Eats Series) on the way here. Don't forget to look for them too!

3.6 miles RT
Many of the washes along this route are steep, hiking boots and poles are recommended for stability. No significant elevation gain. It's extremely hot in the summer with little to no shade on this trail. Please don't hike if you can't carry enough water. Also, don't hike in the washes during monsoon season.

Getting there;
Along Kinney Road, about half way between Ajo Highway and Gates Pass Rd (Speedway Rd off I-10). Turn east on S Tucson Estates Parkway, just past Rafter Circle Street park in the dirt lot on the left.
Walk North to park entrance, stepping over ATV barrier

To the box:
Walk straight ahead curving through the desert and 4 'deep' washes (1 not as deep as others) to an old dirt road. Turn right on the road/trail at 30 degrees, heading towards water tank. ***make note of this turn for the return trip, easy to miss***

Right before the water tank turn right on trail, keeping the water tank on your left. Cross a small wash, the trail turns left - keeping the water tank on your left, heading at 30 degrees. After 4 'deep' wash crossing bear left at fork, continuing straight ahead.

At a multi-trail intersection look left for a 2-wooden post sign, with a wooden cross beam with Yetman Trail on front (you are looking at the back of the sign). Head east on Yetman Trail at 78 degrees, dipping into a wash. Stay on wide path, dipping in and out, ignoring any side trails. Continue as wide trail/path curves right.

Bear left at second Yetman Trail sign, then bear left and down into deep wash. Then through 2 more washes (total 3 after 2nd YT sign). Just before entering a deep wash with stairs heading uphill on the other side, stop.

Walk carefully up the wash itself (stepping over some rocks and avoiding pokey plants) a short distance to find a hunk of old metal, with hints of turquoise from former glory, on the right hand side. Again (like Old Metal), how the heck did that get there?! There are no roads and the trail is narrow.

With your right hip touching this old metal, look for a cleft in some turquoise lichen-covered boulders at 70* about 10 steps up the wash. Make your way over to the cleft to find the box under an elongated purple rock.