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Silly For Seahawks LbNA #70591

Owner:brewman2015 Contact
Plant date:Oct 1, 2016
Location: Ft Casey
Found by: Birdbrain
Last found: Jul 26, 2021
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Oct 2, 2016
Terrain: Easy
Clues: Easy (compass helpful)
Time: About 5-10 minutes to the box

Hand-carved stamp! And first-finder gets a bonus! :)

Head to Ft. Casey on Whidbey Island. There’s only one entrance, so there should be no confusion.

Park in the main parking area (not near the lighthouse, unless you want to walk farther!).

Walk back up the road you came in on you came in on, toward the ranger stations. Take a right toward the campground and walk down the hill.

Turn left at the gate, and follow the old road past the bunkers. Pass the first couple of huts, and take some time to explore the bunkers – a few are open, and they make some great echoes! (Best to have a flashlight, lest you spook yourself or others!)

At the third hut, stand at the north/north-east corner. Find 20⁰ North and walk 6 steps. There are a couple of asphalt rocks about 18” in front of the tree – your treasure lies underneath!

As with any letterbox, please be sure to hide well – it’s not a highly trafficked area, but there’s always the risk of stray teenagers!

Walk back the way you came to return to your car, or continue on your path and loop back using the entrance road.