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Rancho los Cerritos LbNA #69567

Plant date:Jan 17, 2016
Location: 4600 Virginia Rd
City:Long Beach
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:Yukimonstah Contact Inactive
Found by: RoadLessTraveler
Last found:Sep 1, 2020
Last edited:Jan 18, 2016
Rancho los Cerritos is a beautiful rancho located in Long Beach. The Adobe home and grounds highlight the rich history of the Rancho era. Make sure to take a guided tour to learn more about the site.

Directions to the letterbox:
Take Virginia Road toward the main entrance. Before you reach the entrance gate to the rancho you will notice a parking lot located on the left for Rancho los Cerritos parking. This is an overflow parking lot. Park here and exit the parking lot on foot. Turn left to continue on Virginia Road. Do not enter the Rancho los Cerritos grounds - the letterbox is located outside of the site. Follow the fence around to the left on the outside of the overflow parking lot. Walk along the curb on the left and count 7 posts on the fence. You will come to a group of trees. Find the largest tree trunk located closest to the curb. Move to the back of the tree - the side closest to the fence. The letterbox is located at the base of the tree hidden under foliage. Please be discreet as there is a lot of golf cart traffic - Rancho los Cerritos is located next to the Virginia Country Club golf course.

Hike length: 0.5 miles