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First aid neededPower Paw LbNA #69535

Owner:Power Paw Contact
Plant date:Jan 3, 2016
City:Fountain Valley
Location: near Fulton Park
Found by: gs troop 4220
Last found: Mar 16, 2016
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Jan 3, 2016
** Bring a shovel - you will need to dig **

Park on El Lago Avenue next to Fulton Park.

Walk through the playground, and proceed up the hill towards the electrical towers.

Go to the tower that has a 4-sided, brick wall base.

Walk to the backside of the brick wall. Find the middle of the brick wall, and look down at the ground. You will find a pile of small rocks against the wall. Gently remove the rocks / place to the side. Then using your shovel, dig into the ground about 6-7" in depth until you find the letterbox (aka Ziploc, circular container.)

Please stamp your letterbox and use the enclosed pencil to write the date.

Thank you for hunting for our Power Paw letterbox.