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Hoh Ho's Hoe LbNA #68821

Owner:Half Empty Contact
Plant date:Jul 11, 2015
Location: Upper Hoh Road
Found by: Disney-Fan
Last found: Sep 6, 2020
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 11, 2015
Hoh Ho's Hoe

A quick drive-by just before you enter Hoh Rain Forest at Olympic National Park.

Dumb back story: Our dubious hero gave up a lucrative, if somewhat degrading, career in Aberdeen and decided to head north. She thought she'd take up farming, or at least do a little gardening. But she didn't do her ho'mework. So, there she was, with nothing but a hoe to clear a patch of rain forest. Hoh no!

To find this poor decision maker and her implement of would-be destruction take Upper Hoh Road off of 101 toward Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center. After a little more than five miles you will pass the Hard Rain Cafe on your left, and then a memorial (?) to the Journey of the Sv. Nikolai, also on your left. Now look for the mile 6 marker on the right. Soon after it you will see a pull-off on your right, followed by a sign with a curvy road symbol that reads "Next 6 miles." Immediately after this sign, pull into the second, slightly larger pull-off just past the sign. Look for the large mossy tree nearest, and kind of behind the "Next 6 miles" sign. On the side not facing the road you'll find Hoh Ho's Hoe about a foot and a half up the trunk, on a little ledge covered by rocks. This ledge is below the scary looking dark hole - probably don't stick your hand in there.

Replant as found and enjoy the Rain Forest!