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Fluttering Through the Blackberries LbNA #68633

Owner:Hooters Contact Inactive
Plant date:Jun 13, 2015
Location: Academy Dr. & PV Dr. North
City:Rolling Hills Estates
County:Los Angeles
Found by: MamaLady (3)
Last found:Apr 18, 2016
Last edited:Jun 13, 2015
Traveling east on Palos Verdes Drive North turn right on Academy Drive. Park on the street just off the drive, don’t go too far up the hill. Walk back down to PV Drive.
Turn left along Palos Verdes Drive North. Travel down the asphalt path, (west), between the white fences. Turn left onto the marked bridal path. Continue traveling down the wide path with a hill to your left and the back yards on your right. At the right time of the year you may find peaches, plums and apples hanging out into the trail, please stay out of yards though.
After about one tenth of a mile you will come across a large flat rock just off the trail, to the left, on the hill. Flitter (Box 1) is hiding in a rock covered hole just above this flat rock.
A short walk further you will come to a Y in the trail, bear left. Goats, chickens, and horses inhabit the hills and pens to the left and right. The goats love to be fed grass, but watch the horns, as they will swing their heads at you if you try to pet them. Continue up the trail for a bit. As the trail curves right, look left, if you see a grove of Palms up on the hill carefully cross the creek bed. Do not climb the hill, at the base find a rectangular concrete bed filled with rocks. Flutter (Box 2) hides here.
Now as you continue up the path the blackberries will begin to appear to the left. Bring a large Tupperware container with you in late June through early August, and you will easily fill it with delicious blackberries. If you plan to do some serious berry picking we recommend gloves and long pants to get into the berry patches and down into the creek bed. After you have gotten your fill of berries continue up the trail, watch for a few palm trees right off the trail to the right. 50 yards after the last palm, at the bend, you will see a sharp trail going up the hillside to the right. If you see a tree house way up high you are at the right spot.
A pepper tree is growing just off to the right with a flat rock just below it. Just left of the pepper tree is a woodpile with sage like plants growing down the hillside. At the edge of the sage, to the right of the woodpile, tucked up under you will find a broken terracotta pot. Flop (Box 3) hides here.
If you would like to continue up the trail it does go further, but the trail gets rougher and less maintained the further you go and ends at the base of Chadwick Academy. You can climb up to the Academy, and then walk down the streets back to Academy Drive where you parked.
Have fun and please post any problems or suggestions for others, especially the readiness of the berries.