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High Suspense! LbNA #68246

Owner:Martini Man Contact Supporter
Plant date:Feb 27, 2015
Found by: ???
Last found: Mar 20, 2022
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 21, 2021
Oh my God, Rebecca, I am in so much trouble. The big boss wants to see me. Apparently he heard some bad things about me and now I am under suspicion. Sounds like the last time I visited the family plot, he had someone tail me. I thought I saw an odd duck peering out of the rear window of a car in the back of the cemetery. I tell you I don’t deserve to be under this shadow of a doubt! My last job for him would have been ok if it wasn’t for that idiot sidekick I hired. The trouble with Harry is he was psycho! I had no idea he could not handle a third story job because of his vertigo! He never told me! You should have seen that nutcase on the ledge. He was spellbound with fear. The boss has the wrong man!
Now he’s making this hard on me to even meet him. I got this strange phone call last might from a notorious mug that works for us called McGuffin and he told me to drive north by northwest from our flat until I reached a house owned by a Mr & Mrs Smith. Outside the house was a well and attached to one of the supports for the winch was a rope, supposedly to haul up water. I was told to haul up the bucket and inside was this waterproof envelope. I opened the envelope and the contents put me into a frenzy! I can’t figure this out! The only way this will go off without a hitch is if you and Marnie help me!


This is for the birds! What’s that? Another call?!!! What’s the message!????

“Do your homework!”