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Long Log Treasure LbNA #68127

Owner:widemouthedfrog Contact
Plant date:Feb 3, 2015
City:North Vancouver
County:British Columbia, CAN
Location: Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Feb 3, 2015
Letterbox #1: Long Log Treasure

Start just past fishing docks on "Bridge Island".

Walk over the bridge.

Go up to the left handrail.

Go up to the big rock.

Go left and over the bridge

Go past The seven rainbow rocks.

Follow the trail and cross the next bridge.

Turn left and follow the trail until the big bend and then go to north up the hill.

Once you reach the fallen log at the top go on the log traveling northwest until you reach the fungus.

Jump off the log and head left / north northwest down the hill follow the new long log.

Go over the swamp on the log to the trail.

At the trail it is hidden in the stump roots from the log on which you just walked.

Letterbox #2: Monster's Tongue

Start just past fishing docks on "Bridge Island".

Return back across the bridge. On the trail turn right.

Why not? Turn left at the Y in the trail.

Past no biking sign and big Mossy rock and turn left.

Find the tree on the right with scars front and back. It has bacony bark and is about 15 years old. Beside the Hairy stump. Turn right into the woods watch out for the hole!

Turn left soon towards the big erratic granite boulder covered in step moss. That grows a new step each year! How old is the first Moss you see?

Dance with the baby red cedar tree and skip towards the fence up the hill.

Turn right on the trail before the road.

Past the dip with ponds on the right and left.

Look both ways before crossing that huge bike path! To the trail that leads to a geocache!

Past the Hemlock twins with the Stellers Jay stripe. Follow that little trail.

To the old broken fence.

Take a group photo on it.

Walk forward six steps (east) and pull on the green monsters tongue. Congratulations!

Added bonus:
Continue south on trail to Stump Castle. Enter. Enjoy the view from the window.

Past the split cedar with fragile monkey arms and the bench. You have found tag forest.