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Guards of the Queen’s Dominion LbNA #68054

Plant date:Jan 26, 2015
Location: East Washington Village
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:cog-nition Contact Inactive
Found by: Klaus
Last found:Jun 18, 2016
Last edited:Jan 26, 2015
Guards of the Queen’s Dominion

This Letterbox is located in a quiet neighborhood in Pasadena.
Many people walk the neighborhood so be careful not to give away the location of the treasure.

Nearest landmark: Von’s Grocery Store at 1390 N Allen Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104.

1. From North Allen Avenue, head west on Washington Boulevard.

2. Immediately turn right on North Dominion Avenue.

3. Cross Beverly Drive.

4. Park your carriage on Dominion Street, just south of “The Queen.”

5. Exit your carriage and begin the hunt on foot.

6. Strolling north on Dominion, find the spot where you would legally STOP.

7. Look up and inspect the tall Queen’s Guard.
Don’t be fooled by his bright red uniform—remember there are two sides to everything.

8. Sneak behind him and look for GR, followed by five digits.
Ignore the last three digits, but memorize the FIRST TWO.
You’ll need this number later.

9. Now cross the Black Water Moat and approach the second Queen’s Guard. Be careful to avoid being squished by fast-flowing moat dragons!

10. While the Guard is looking the other way, sneak a peek at his armor-clad foot. Remember that number from Step 8? Use that number to count up his slender frame.

11. Now with your bum seated on the tiny castle wall, peer through the “telescope” you located in the previous step.

12. You’ll spot the location of your target across the moat!

13. After safely crossing the moat, look behind the small wall. A cement block covers the treasure.