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"Find The Buck" LbNA #67641

Owner:From the heart of 68 Contact
Plant date:Sep 14, 2014
Location: Sardis Lake
Found by: Beach Comber
Last found: Jul 24, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 14, 2014
Go 55 South, take exit 252, take a left to Sardis Dam, go about 10-12 miles, you will see a sign on the right that says Sardis Lake, take a right on River Road, you will also see a sign saying "Clear Spring Nature Trail", go 2 miles, pass the 2 boarded trail heads on both sides of the road, parking is on the left, get out of the car, go straight ahead, cross the beautiful long bridge, if you are quite you may see some DEER, as you walk over the bridge listen to the frogs, you can rest on a nice bench and just enjoy for a moment, it's a long bridge mostly shaded too, BUT WATCH OUT FOR THE SWAMP MONSTER, NO I'm joking, more seats for snacks, make sure you put your trash in the garbage can, at the end of the bridge you will find a heart, turn facing it, on the right side, count 4 post, look under the post with 3 screws, under the bridge, you will find a Buck, continue to the road, take a left down the black top road, you will find your car on the left.
Hope you enjoy it.