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Blue Dragon Letterbox LbNA #67433

Owner:LaneAlaineCoen&Finn Contact
Plant date:Aug 1, 2014
City:Oak Harbor
Location: Deception Pass State Park
Found by: Troop 45350
Last found: Apr 11, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 1, 2014
About 2 hours total
Elevation gain: 350 feet

•There are several parking lots in Deception Pass State Park. The clues begin at the south end of the D.P. Bridge. Under the bridge is the trailhead.

•There is a sign to mark the way. Take the path pointing you to Goose Rock Summit.

•After .2 miles, you come to a sign at an intersection. Take the path to the SW Summit Trail. This leads down.

•At the next intersection, take the Lower Forest Trail

•After 5 minutes down the trail, you will see two very large trunked trees, only 6 feet apart. Behind these trees and a little to the right is a double-trunked tree. We thought about planting the letterbox there, but didn’t, so just keep walking.

•Follow the next two signs pointing you to the summit. You should see Cornet Bay ahead of you and then on your right.

•About 5-10 minutes after passing the sign reading SE Summit Trail, the path makes a right turn. About 25 yards in front of you is a boulder that is in front of a big tree with burn marks along the bottom few feet.

•Look behind this tree and up the hill to see a boulder taller than a person.

•Between this big boulder and a smaller rock to its right is a tiny cave. Your letterbox awaits you there! Please re-hide well.

•Continue up the trail to reach the summer. Be sure to enjoy the valley of madronas on your way.

•Take the NW Summit Trail back down for a shorter trip.