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Mardi Gras Krewe LbNA #66649

Owner:Creeping Death Contact
Plant date:Mar 23, 2014
Found by: Knotty Lady
Last found: Nov 15, 2014
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Jul 15, 2020
Clue image
01JAN15 FIRST AID: Advice received from MooshineOverKY
The altoid size box doesn't seem to be holding well
Will the next Lboxer please replace the box with one that has
stronger magnets. Thank you in advance.

Easy Clues
3 South Royal St
Night box, darkness will cover your tracks
Daytime, be slick and quick
Serda's Coffee
Royal & Dauphin
Face the cafe
Stroll to your left
Bank at the right
Stop at the right alcove because there is no left
Oh Oh locked black steel fence, do you have the key?
Steel staircase is what you seek
Face the gate, on the left the fence joins the
bushes which you can pass right between them
The box is located at the base of the
steel steps against the wall
Watch your head with the railing
Small 2x3 box attached by magnet