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Essex County Environmental Center LbNA #66471

Plant date:Feb 7, 2014
Location: 621B Eagle Rock Avenue
Planted by:GreenFrog
Found by: zhawk
Last found:Mar 31, 2021
Last edited:Feb 7, 2014
To Begin: Walk outside behind the environmental center to find the large wooden post labeled “Lenape Trail”.

Step 1: Take about 20 steps forward and turn right down the Green blazed trail towards “Garibaldi Hall”.

Step 2: Find the Pond on your left before you get to the buildings where you can “__ __ __ Into Action”.

There are 20-9-22-22-13 21-9-12-20-8 living here (use the code below).

Step 3: Continue past the Green House to the
__________________River. (Check the sign for the answer.)

Look for wildlife or signs of wildlife, what did you find?

Step 4: There is great fishing in the river but to reel in your trophy turn back around from the river and turn right down the long trail that runs next to the river.

Step 5: Look for a large 4-19-18-7-22 11-18-13-22 7-9-22-22. (Hint: It is before you get to the Lenape Learning Area, you have gone about 25 steps too far if you reach this area.)

Step 6: This Tree was struck by lightning and fell over!

Look ________________ the bark of the tree stump to find your catch of the day! (opposite of over).

Use your own personal stamp to mark the letterbox guest book
and share that you found it.

Stamp this Clue sheet or your letterbox booklet with the stamp found in the letterbox to prove that you found it.

Please replace the letterbox hidden within the stump.

Good Luck!

CODE A-26, B-25, C-24, D-23, E-22, F-21, G-20, H-19, I-18, J-17, K-16, L-15, M-14, N-13, O-12, P-11, Q-10, R-9, S-8, T-7, U-6, V-5, W-4, X-3, Y-2, Z-1.