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Maddalena 1917 LbNA #66423

Owner:Creeping Death Contact
Plant date:Jan 20, 2014
City:Los Angeles
County:Los Angeles
Location: 737 Lamar Street
Found by: Kelsung
Last found: Jan 22, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 20, 2014
Old school restaurant series
A box for all the wine freaks or winos to enjoy and you can have some great Italian food.
This is the only winery left in the city of Los Angeles.
Since you are in the area take the time to go inside and enjoy some food and drink, you won't be disappointed.
You can only get to the box between 10am-700pm.

NOTE: bring a very damp grape color pad or marker and also a
a thick green marker or teardrop ink pad. I bought this hand carved
made in India wooden stamp at the British Museum in London.

Parking lot
Two large wine casks and press
Look at the casks with San Antonio on it
Right cask
Go between cask and press
Underneath press
On right side steal beam
On the ledge is the 3x4 box attached by magnet
The magnet doesn't have great contact
Replace it on the corner with magnets facing down
There are many muggles here so be slick