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Big Al #3: The Duke LbNA #66263

Plant date:Nov 22, 2013
Location: John Wayne Airport
Planted by:P4Mesisca Contact
Found by: Silversong
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 7, 2015
I've decided that my first several plants will be in honor of my Dad. Big Al died five years ago before ever being introduced to letterboxing. My son and I have recently discovered this exciting adventure and know that my Dad would have absolutely loved it. And so, in remembrance of my Dad, Al, here is my third plant and clue:

Al loved westerns. But not just any westerns, John Wayne westerns. I'm convinced he had them all memorized. On a lazy Saturday you could find my dad in front of the tv watching The Sons of Katie Elder, Hondo, The Alamo, or Rio Bravo. And no matter how great the remake, my Dad would never concede that True Grit was any good without John Wayne.

This box is hidden at John Wayne Airport. I'm kidding, we don't need a bomb scare. You just need to go the Extra Mile and find the closest light pole to the dumpsters.