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Snail Tail LbNA #66253 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Nov 20, 2013
Location: Oceans and Islands
County:Kenai Peninsula
Planted by:HomerGS932
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Nov 20, 2013
From the Beluga Slough Trailhead in parking lot, follow the path heading SW.
Cross the bridge.
Take 5 giant steps past the trash and recycle bins and follow the path less traveled SE.
At the T turn to face West.
Take 20 regular steps to a South leading trail.
Follow the trail and when it comes to a T, walk East.
Pass a large downed tree, and at the next intersection follow the path SE to a bench.
From the bench you will see a sign marking the Willow Wetlands. The treasure you seek is under the sign.