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Poor Planning LbNA #66122

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Oct 27, 2013
Location: 4321 Ocean View Blvd
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found:Nov 12, 2015
Last edited:Mar 26, 2019
Alive and well as of 4/2/18

WARNING: This one might actually get you in real trouble. Hunt at your own risk, and don't bring the kids or pets.

The box isn't located at the address given, but find street parking as near here as possible. I'm known for taking my time planning my boxes, taking months to put together a complex puzzle or series. This one, however, was impromptu. I noticed the location once before and thought of putting a box here, but had made no real plans.

Head south on the sidewalk and pass over the freeway. As you do, look right and notice the other nearby overpass. What street is that? What two points does it connect? It would appear there may have been some poor planning by the designers, contractors and construction workers responsible. I left the house today on an errand, not planning to go boxing, but ended up in the area finding a couple. With no real planning, I decided to plant this as well.

Here's the part that's probably illegal: When you reach the exit ramp, turn right and head up the shoulder. Needless to say, this can be dangerous, so be careful. I had extra boxing materials in the car for maintenance, but hadn't planned on needing carving tools or rubber, so I stopped into Swain's and grabbed a Speedball starter kit. This would be my first experience with the much-maligned new formula for the pink stuff.

You'll soon reach the pointless and abandoned bridge. Follow it back over the freeway and straight into a wall. I sat out on a patio eating lunch and quickly carved this stamp, then needed to borrow scissors from an employee to trim the spare logbook I had amongst my boxing stuff, since I hadn't really planned for it to go in this rusty tin I had on hand because I'd swapped it out when checking on another box.

In the far left corner you'll see a flap of black rubber attached to the concrete. Buried under grass and a thin layer of gravel and dirt is the box. I wonder if that flap prevents rain water from running off, so it will pool there and soak my box? Maybe this spot was poor planning on my part. Oh well, there seems to be a lot of that going on here. At least be certain the bag is sealed when you're finished, then get out of there.

Hopefully if CalTrans or the CHP give you a hassle, you planned a good cover story for why you're there. I'm not planning on getting in trouble if they find out about the box.