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Lake Agnes Tea House Letterbox LbNA #65867

Owner:CarrieOnThePrairie Contact
Plant date:Sep 21, 2013
City:Lake Louise, AB
County:Alberta, CAN
Location: Lake Louise - Lake Agnes Tea House
Found by: AscaDuin
Last found: Aug 4, 2014
Hike distance:3-5 mi
Last edited:May 29, 2016
The Lake Agnes Tea House is an adorable little spot, with a somewhat challenging hike to get to it. There is a very nice website for the tea house, which is largely quoted below. Here's a link:

Level of Terrain: challenging hike - no strollers - best for people who are in shape!
Time required after parking: 4 hours roundtrip - 2 to 2.5 hours up, 0.5 to 1 hour to dine at the tea house, 1 hour down

Your trek to Lake Agnes begins at Chateau Lake Louise (a 10 min car ride from the village of Lake Louise and the Lake Louise Inn):

From the public parking lot, find the lakeshore trail near the Chateau, and walk along the paved promenade for approximately 200m (Lk. Louise on your left, Chateau on your right).
Keep an eye out for the Lake Agnes trail, which will branch off just as the Chateau grounds are ending, just past the bronze statue of a Swiss mountain guide. At this point, leave the lakeshore trail and ascend the right hand "fork" in the trail. There should be a sign that says, “Lake Agnes 3.6km”
The main paved trail, heading all the way around the lake, goes to a different tea house (Plain of Six Glaciers) - DO NOT TAKE THIS TRAIL! The Lake Agnes trail is the short paved trail heading up the hill towards the forest. Take THIS trail to Lake Agnes.
The Lake Agnes trail will soon enter the forest and cross a horse trail. Here the pavement ends and the true trail begins. Keep following the path upwards through the forest (the first part is the steepest). You will know you have reached halfway when you come to an opening and a switchback in the trail which affords a clear view of Lake Louise below (great place for a photo!)
Keep on the trail… keep going uphill! After another while you will come to a horse gate and a new trail junction. Make sure you turn left/uphill after the gate; shortly thereafter you will reach Mirror Lake. Once at Mirror Lake you are only 15-20 minutes away from Lake Agnes. From Mirror Lake, if you look up, you can see the Tea House just to the right of the rock face known as the "Big Beehive".
From Mirror Lake, take the trail to the right.
You'll go through a few switchbacks and come to a clearing on your right, where you can see down to the highway and off to the left you can see the ski hill. You'll notice large rock on your left. Find the biggest of these rocks, and check under the green shrubs to the right and uphill. Therein lies the Tea Cup. After re-hiding, continue up the trail for just a little further and have some refreshments. Note: if you get to an area on the left side of the trail with wooden railing, you've gone too far.