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Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic LbNA #65764

Owner:DancinDuo Contact
Plant date:Sep 11, 2009
Location: Flax Pond Recreation Area
Found by: Ruby Slippers
Last found: Aug 8, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 11, 2009
Every September, "boys of summer" in their 60's and 70's come to Cape Cod to play in the Senior Softball Classic. These older athletes have great energy and team spirit.
What fun to watch the teams as they play a game they love. In past years many games have been played on the Flax Pond Rec Area ballfield.

Directions to Flax Pond Recreation Area:

The new entrance to Flax Pond Recreation Area is off Whites Path. From either direction watch for a brown sign directing you to the park. (Dupont Avenue brings you right into the parking lot.)

Clues: Once you make it into the parking lot drive to the far left and park where the old road has been blocked off to traffic. On the left, walk between the wooden post and huge boulder. Almost immediately to your left you will see the the beaten path into the forest. Start walking on the path and at the fork do not go left. Continue on your way. Along the path you may notice a short square cement boundary marker jutting out of the ground. You're going in the right direction.

The path will reach a clearing and huge pole will be in sight. Make a left onto the road. Ahead on the left there will be a green hydrant. Count 60 steps from here. A large two trunk tree that makes a V is there on the left. Seven paces will bring you to the back of the tree. There under some bark and branches you'll find the box.

Remember to hide the box well covering it with bark and such. We only visit once a year in September for the Softball Classic so please let us know if anything is amiss.