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Miwok Trail LbNA #6573 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Nov 28, 2003
Planted by:ltrbxnfools
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Apr 7, 2010
Last edited:Nov 28, 2003
After hearing from a number of folks that both these boxes appear to be gone, we've archived them :-(


The Miwok Trail in Novato can be accessed from at least three different places. For purposes of these letterboxes, we suggest you start from the trailhead on Novato Boulevard, near Miwok Park.

From 101, take the Atherton/San Marin exit. Turn onto San Marin Drive and follow it for about a mile to Simmons Lane. Turn left onto Simmons. When Simmons deadends into Novato Boulevard, turn right. Follow Novato Boulevard past the Miwok Trail sign (on your right). You can park on the next street (Regalia) and walk back the short distance to the trailhead.

Head up the hill. When the trail deadends into another part of the trail, go to the left, continuing up the hill. After you've reached the top and have started heading back downhill, at the first curve you'll pass some fallen branches on the left. Inside the curve, on the left, are two trees. Behind them are some more fallen branches. Under the intersection of the two biggest fallen branches is the first box.

Keep heading down the hill to the next Miwok Trail sign. At the sign go right, past the small sign noting the Al Rueger Trail. As you continue, you'll come to a blue-gray building (an indoor archery range). The last tree on the left before the building has a small hollow at the base, which hides the second box.

To get back to your car, continue beyond the building to another Miwok Trail sign and follow the trail back up the hill. It will take you back to the place where the original trail deadended into the trail you're now on. Go to the left and back down the hill to your starting point.

Total loop takes about 45 minutes to an hour. It's steep in parts but the view is worth it! Dogs on leash are welcome (and plentiful).

Please replace the boxes carefully, with sufficient sticks and leaves on top to keep them in place and hidden.